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Dave Grohl Tells You His Rock’n’Roll Funny Moments In The Storyteller

Dave Grohl Tells You His Rock’n’Roll Funny Moments In The Storyteller

Do you wanna know what’s in the head of your favorite musician or idol? Fans of Foo Fighters and Nirvana, let’s rejoice! Drum prodigy Dave Grohl is coming with his new project The Storyteller, a book compiling his best moments, not the typical autobiographical way!

The rock star life

Always dreamed of living the rock star life? Find the pros and cons in many interesting reads! Get some useful tips too! Let’s Face It! Be the rock’n’roll darling just like Blondie do it! Celebrate teen angst and open sexuality with Tegan and Sara’s memoir High School. Being the only girl in a band? Never mind, just have the attitude like Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon. And why not adding another legend to your collection? Dave Grohl, the celeb Nirvana drummer and rocking Foo Fighters frontman invites us to his universe.

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It started with an essay

Vanished from social media, Dave Grohl, did an essay in The Atlantic paper about his feeling about the disappearance of live gatherings. With all emotions, we can relate to what he said in May 2020. Of course, bands found new ways to interact with live streams, but nothing is like attending a show in a venue, enjoying a live gig surrounded by everything loud with our friends. Being in front of a screen is not the same atmosphere and Dave Grohl went viral, no surprises about this! Read it here.

A collection of memories

Then, the rocker decided to connect with his fans again. Why not go back on socials, especially Instagram? He started to share his fun stories through the platform from his childhood to his experience as a young man in the hottest grunge band and legends in the 90s rock world to his current career. We bet the moment everyone was scared back in Sweden when he broke his legs but still kept the show going on will be relayed in this book! And many more!

Meet the evolution of one of the most skilled modern drummers. Dave Grohl’s upcoming book will make you laugh and shed tears, from funny moments to sentimental memories. Let’s enter his chaotic universe. From his childhood to the crazy Nirvana years and his new projects through the star-studded meetings, you’ll learn a lot from his experience. Watch the teaser here.

Keep your eye on it! Pre-order The Storyteller here. Then, once you read it, why not telling us what you think of it (no spoilers please!). Tweet us @thehoneypop or write us on Facebook or Instagram.

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