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From The Screen To The Stage, These Actresses Can Do It All

From The Screen To The Stage, These Actresses Can Do It All

We are here to celebrate some of the best talents the industry has to offer. These actresses are multi-talented and have brought so much joy into our lives with their contributions to TV, Film, and Music. It’s often overlooked when women in the industry are doing all these huge things and making all of these career moves, but we see it and consume it and appreciate it.

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Talia Jackson
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If Talia Jackson looks familiar to you that might be due to her being an actress playing Jade on the hit Netflix show Family Reunion! The show is in its second season and is beloved among many fans. Aside from acting, Talia is also a killer singer/songwriter! Her track ‘Hidden’ was just released a few days ago and we’ve had it on repeat ever since. ‘Hidden’ is such an honest track about showing parts of yourself you’ve kept ‘Hidden’ until this moment. It’s such a unique sound that we weren’t really expecting but are so impressed by! It’s a bit more on the alt-pop side as opposed to a full-blown bubblegum pop track. It’s moody and fun and we just can’t seem to get enough of this one. We are certain that you guys will love ‘Hidden’ as much as we do! And be sure to check out the music video which is a pure cottage core dream.

Dove Cameron
Image Source: Disruptor Records/ Columbia Records

We are sure that Dove Cameron is a familiar name. She’s been an actress for years and is best known for her work in the Disney Channel hit TV show Liv & Maddie playing both girls as well as playing Mal in Disney’s Descendants. Her newest track ‘LazyBaby’ is a complete departure from her Disney roots. It’s this incredible pop track that will be added to all of our playlists we blast while getting ready for a night out. Dove Cameron has been making music for years but we have to say, ‘LazyBaby’ is her best work yet. We hope this sets a path for where Dove’s music is headed because we are so into this! While we wait for even more new music from Dove, we can look forward to seeing her as ‘Bubbles’ in the CW’S live-action version of The Powerpuff Girls.

You can stream ‘LazyBaby’ here!

Lucy Hale
Image Source: Sasha Eisenman

If you’re anything like us and were unhealthily obsessed with Pretty Little Liars then you are for sure familiar with the actress that played Aria Montgomery, Lucy Hale. Lucy Hale has been in many other projects including the horror movie Truth Or Dare? alongside Tyler Posey. All of her acting work has been so incredible that you don’t often hear people give credit where it’s due for the stellar country album she put out! Road Between is a full-length studio album full of country bops. We still play this album all the time, especially during the summer, that’s the golden time.

Sarah Hyland
Image Source: Catherine Servel

Let’s hear it for the actress that was our favorite part of Modern Family! Sarah Hyland has been gracing our screens for so many years she feels like a part of our family at this point. She’s such an incredible actress but did you guys know that she has a killer voice too? She did a cover of ‘Closer’ by The Chainsmokers that still gives us chills. Her voice is so soft and beautiful and we recommend everyone checks out any covers you can find that she’s done on YouTube. But of course, we can’t talk about Sarah Hyland without talking about what an inspiration she is. She’s chosen to be so open about so many aspects of her life that we truly just can’t applaud her enough. She’s got so much talent and heart that we have no doubt we will be hearing her name for decades to come. We can only hope we get a solo music project sometime in the near future, we are begging at this point.

Anna Kendrick
Image Source: Jim Ruymen

Obviously, it’s no secret that Anna Kendrick can sing her heart out! As an actress, she’s probably best known for her role as Becca in the Pitch Perfect franchise, which focused on singing. She’s gone on to star in smash hit movies like one of our favorites, A Simple Favor, alongside Blake Lively. Her voice is soft and yet strong. We simply love it. We really would love to see Anna do a full-length project that isn’t connected to the franchise at all. Her song ‘Cups,’ which she performed in the first movie, has gathered over 500 million views on YouTube so it’s clear we aren’t alone in loving her work.

Hailee Steinfeld
Image Source: Yana Kalina

Much like Anna Kendrick, as an actress Hailee is best known for her work in the Pitch Perfect franchise, as well as her starring role in The Edge Of Seventeen. However these days, we would say Hailee Seinfeld, is most known for her music career as a pop artist. She put out so many smash hits like ‘Starving’ and ‘Most Girls’. She’s proven to be such a bright light in the industry, making feel-good music that focuses on self-love a lot of the time. Hailee has had so much success in both career paths and it’s so well deserved. She’s always been so incredibly talented and we are really hoping that we are well on our way to getting a full-length album. She’s released two EP’s, HAIZ and Half Written Story, that have both been slam dunks. When messing around with our ideas for titles we think would be great for a full album, we can’t help but think ‘The Full Story’ would be full circle and wonderful. We just had to put that out there because we spent a lot of time thinking about it.

Lana Condor
Image Source: Jason Kim for Vogue Singapore

We have all become super fans of Lana Condor over the last several years. She brought one of our favorite book characters to life when she took on the role of Lara-Jean in Jenny Han’s To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before series on Netflix. As an actress, she has provided representation for so many people. It’s so incredible to see other young girls reaching out to Lana on social media to thank her for that representation. As Lana has stated before, representation is crucial. After the release of the latest To All The Boys installment, Lana Condor, alongside boyfriend Anthony de la Torre, released ‘Anyone Else But You.’ It’s a hyper-pop masterpiece that we keep coming back to. We just can’t get over how adorable it that she makes music with her boyfriend. Talk about couple goals! As far as solo music goes, we’ve only gotten one solo track from Lana Condor so far titled ‘For Real,’ but we are hoping that this year we are able to see even more of who she is as a musical artist.

Katelyn Tarver
Image Source: Noah Kentis
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If you’re anything like us and obsessed over the Nickelodeon show Big Time Rush, you will be familiar will Katelyn’s work as an actress. She played Kendall’s love interest, Jo Taylor. Our hearts still break whenever we watch Kendall singing ‘Worldwide’ to Jo in that airport. Her other acting credits include Famous In Love and Secret Life Of The American Teenager. She has been putting out music pretty consistently since 2016, so let us tell you all of her hits. Her EP Kool Aid from 2018 is one of the best EP’s you will ever hear. She’s just the perfect pop artist! She hasn’t put out much new music this year but we are hoping that changes as the months go on! You truly can’t go wrong, no matter what songs you dive into! We highly recommend checking out ‘Young’ and ‘So Would I,’ just to name a few of our absolute favorites.

Sabrina Carpenter
Image Source: Kat Irlin

Right now Sabrina Carpenter is at the top of her game. She’s an incredible actress and one of the hottest rising pop stars around. She rose to fame after playing Maya on the hit Disney Channel show Girl Meets World. As most young Disney Channel actors and actresses do, she started her music career soon after starting out on the show. And while the music was catchy and very bubblegum pop it in no way prepared us for the full-blown pop star Sabrina would evolve into. Her music in the present day is just so killer. From ‘Skin’ to ‘Why’ to ‘Paris,’ the hits are abundant. She’s an artist we are truly getting to grow up with and we can’t wait to see what new pinnacles she will reach. We are hoping to get even more music in this new year and to see her even more on our TV screens.

Image Source: Micaiah Carter

If we’re talking about someone who can do it all, that would be Zendaya. She is an acclaimed actress whose impressive credits include Euphoria, The Greatest Showman, Malcolm & Marie, and of course, just some little indie film series called Spider-Man. She’s gathered millions of adoring fans and we are proudly part of that group. Aside from acting Zendaya has an incredibly beautiful voice. If you’ve seen her work in The Greatest Showman you know what an incredible job she did with ‘Rewrite The Stars’ in collaboration with Zac Efron. She’s done a few other musical endeavors and we really hope we get many more of them in the future.

We would love to hear from you! Who is your favorite actress on our list? Who else would you have added? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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