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Let’s Talk All Things Dancing With The Devil…The Art Of Starting Over By Demi Lovato

Let’s Talk All Things Dancing With The Devil…The Art Of Starting Over By Demi Lovato

We are about to embark on quite the journey with this record! We’ve just listened to it once through, and let us tell you, we cried, we jammed out, and we beamed with pride. This is one of the most honest records we’ve heard in years. It’s Demi Lovato’s soul poured out into the most beautiful music. It’s quite a long album with 19 tracks, so we are just going to jump right into it! Grab some tissues and listen along with us.

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We have gotten to live with this track for over a year now. It’s lived with us, and we’ve soaked in what an incredible work of art the song is. As always Demi Lovato is singing her out heart in this track. No surprise there. What was surprising is the honesty we heard the first time we listened. It’s such a devastating thing to feel like no matter how loud you scream no one is listening. An even more devastating thing to once feel like you have this solid relationship with God and then go into this mindset, “Why the f*ck am I praying anyway? If nobody’s listening.”

‘Dancing With The Devil’

Talk about a heavy song. The topics the lyrical content deal with are so raw and we commend Demi Lovato immensely for being as open as she is with this record. Anyone who has struggled with addiction in the past will more than likely have a hard time making it through this song with dry eyes, but we think that it accomplishes the main goal of music, which is to make you feel things, deeply. There’s a line in the track that just hit like a semi-truck “Twisted reality, hopeless insanity.” Packs a punch.

‘ICU (Madison’s Lullabye)’

This song was such a beautiful love letter to Demi’s little sister, Madison. We watched the documentary and heard Demi and Madison recount the horrific experience of Demi not being able to recognize Madison while she was in the hospital after her overdose, and our hearts broke. Hearing this song and how much Demi Lovato loves her sister just makes us feel so warm inside. To see their relationship strengthen after such a traumatic experience is all we could hope for. And we have to talk about that opening line, “I didn’t want those innocent eyes to watch me fall from grace” how unbelievably heavy.


This is just a quick little 27-second ‘Intro’ to the rest of the record. After this, you will go on a journey with Demi Lovato as she sheds the skin of her past. It’s such a calming thing to hear her talking voice and hear her tell you that things look up from this point.

‘The Art Of Starting Over’

Already this track is a much lighter departure from the previous tracks. We love to see Demi Lovato proclaim that she is mastering ‘The Art Of Starting Over’. After the hell she’s been through, this is exactly the energy we were hoping she would have and stands as such a turning point in the record. And, of course, as always she sounds unreal.

‘Lonely People’

We have a holy trinity on this record of our favorite tracks, and this is right there in that mix. It’s so bright compared to the tracks we’ve gotten thus far and feels like a celebration of being single and being content with that. And yes, we are going to talk about the line “All that love is is a means to an end, Romeo and Juliet are dead.” So unreal, we underestimated Demi Lovato’s songwriting abilities. But they are showing up and showing out on this track.

‘The Way You Don’t Look At Me’

Simply put, this track is heartbreaking. Demi Lovato sounds so soft and delicate here and just exudes emotion so beautifully here. It’s such an earth-shattering feeling to feel like the person you’re in love with just looks right past you like they don’t look at you at all. There are so many lines in this track that are just a shot to the heart. “But I’m so scared if I undress that you won’t love me after” is probably the one that caught us most off guard and made us get teary-eyed. Her songwriting here, once again, is stellar.

‘Melon Cake’

While the track sounds more upbeat, it has a deeper meaning. Demi Lovato has opened up that her old team used to make her eat ‘Melon Cake’ on birthdays which was just a watermelon in cool whip as a way to control her diet. It truly makes you think about how awful people within the business treat artists they are hired to help and protect. The whole lyrical content of this track is very telling, and it makes it clear Demi Lovato won’t be controlled by people like that anymore, which we are so thrilled to hear.

‘Met Him Last Night’ feat. Ariana Grande

It’s always incredible to hear two powerful female artists like Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande collaborate! This track has some of the classic Ariana Grande staples we have come to know and love. It’s on track to become, at least at this point, the biggest track on the record and we love that for them! Fans were super stoked over these two finally making music together!

What Other People Say‘ feat. Sam Fischer

Demi Lovato sounds incredible in this track. We just have to get that out of that way. This track is all about how good her relationship used to be with her mom and how it was tarnished by Demi caring more about ‘What Other People Say.’ We can only hope during this journey of self-love Demi has been able to recover these relationships. And of course, we have to give some love to Sam Fischer who’s voice blends so beautifully with Demi’s!


This track takes the second spot on that holy trinity we talked about earlier. What an honest reflection of the challenges that you have in relationships. The line “My insecurities don’t take vacations” just hit us. Girl, same. This whole song just feels like we could have written it with how hard it hits. It’s such a relatable feeling she’s singing about.

‘The Kind Of Lover I Am’

This is such an honest track by Demi Lovato just laying out the kind of lover she is. She is telling you the flaws and all of the things that are pros. It’s truly such a beautiful track without being somber, though! It’s still upbeat and playful. The beat, like a lot of the album, is perfect for driving in the summer, with the roof down, and the wind blowing through your hair. We will be testing this theory all summer long.

‘Easy’ with Noah Cyrus

If there is one thing you know Demi Lovato and Noah Cyrus are both going to do, it’s singing the hell out of any song they are on. And that’s exactly what they did here. It’s a beautiful track that shows the range they both have. The harmonizing and the violin just perfectly go with the flow of this track. We can see ‘Easy’ becoming a huge hit for both of these incredible artists.

’15 Minutes’

We all know who this track is about but there’s no need to say his name, his 15 minutes of fame are up! It’s so unfortunate to know that people in the spotlight, like Demi Lovato, have people that just want to be in their lives to get that ’15 Minutes’ of fame. It’s so twisted and selfish, and those people always eventually get exposed with their true colors shown. Thankfully that happened for Demi before things got any more serious with him!

‘My Girlfriends Are My Boyfriends’ feat. Saweetie

You already know if Saweetie is on a track, it’s about to be a good time. This track acts as a love letter to the friends in Demi Lovato’s life that have been there through thick and thin. She said Saweetie is great at those ‘Best Friend’ hype songs, so she knew she’d kill this, and of course, she did. We love the energy in this track and love that Demi Lovato has a solid group of people around her.

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‘California Sober’

Here we reach the third track to make up our holy trinity for this record. We love that Demi is at this point where she feels like she doesn’t have to put on a front like she’s 100% sober or that she’s some perfect role model. She can just live her best life and not care about what anyone else thinks. It’s such a healthy mindset. After watching the documentary especially it’s so nice to be able to see her in this state of mind.

‘Mad World’

We already know and love this track as it’s not a Demi Lovato original. But wow does she kill a cover of the track! It’s a song we’ve heard covered time and time again, and we have to say Demi probably does it the best. It fits with the album theme perfectly, and her voice is so powerful on the track.


This track at least to us after watching the documentary feels like it’s an open letter to Demi Lovato’s dad who has passed away. She spoke about not knowing the exact day he passed away, and we just can’t imagine that kind of pain. But ‘Butterfly’ is such a beautiful tribute. You can hear the raw emotion behind the words. You can hear how much she’s needed to say all of this.

‘Good Place’

This is the perfect way to end an album that has been such an emotional roller coaster. Hearing Demi Lovato straight up just say she’s in a ‘Good Place’ is what we needed most at the end of this record. We love her and are so proud of how far she’s come and are going to go cry to this track for the next hour!

We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite track off of Dancing With The Devil…The Art Of Starting Over? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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