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NTWRK Top Drops: Fresh Fits, Creative Collabs, and More!

NTWRK Top Drops: Fresh Fits, Creative Collabs, and More!


Ready for some rad-racks featured on NTWRK’s top drops? We sure are! Not yet familiar with NTWRK? Buckle up! We might just blow your mind.

Offering live shop shows featuring big-name brands and knowable pop culture names, fans can find sneakers, streetwear, collectibles, and more. Super sick products can be prized during each episode and are available exclusively through the app.

Hypland + Amazon Prime Video’s Invincible

Dropped on March 31st, the anime-inspired streetwear brand Hypland brought fans a custom merch collection. Inspired by Invincible, you can cash in on the clothing between $36-82. Invincible is an adult geared superhero series with one hell of a cast. Including stars Sandra Oh, Seth Rogen, Mark Hamill, and more, if you know, you know. Amazon Prime Video and NTWRK team up to push the proceeds to a super sick non-profit. Directing the dollars to The Hero Initiative, the money will go toward the first-ever not-for-profit corporation that dedicates their time strictly to helping comic book creators in need. Hurry hurry! Sure there are some left, but not for long.

Christina Paik Women’s History Month Exclusive Prints

Next up is Christina Paik’s Women’s History Month Exclusive Prints which can be yours for $150 or $230! THP can’t stress to the streets enough how much we adore badass women, so it’s no surprise that Christina Paik’s drop is one we’re highlighting here. An artist and portrait photographer, she shares her signature skills via NTWRK. The drop happened at the end of National Women’s History Month and is limited edition. It is a total rarity that her fashion-forward, moody magic will be shared with a broad-spread audience. Also available from Christina Paik is her unisex, original Taylor Hoodie for $230. Also limited edition, this New Zealand-made masterpiece is 100% cotton and striking yet minimalistic.


Next, a downright delightful drop happening April 6th, MGK + INDVLST. We all know the phrase “slow down” doesn’t exist in Machine Gun Kelly’s vocabulary. What do we say? Push the pedal through the floor! Riding the wave of his latest killer release, Tickets to my Downfall, MGK now finds himself partnering with DIY label Individualist Lab as he establishes an exclusive screen print kit and ‘Sold Out’ work pants.

100% cotton, the ‘Sold Out’ work pants have been hand-screened and printed at the Individualist Lab. And for our DIY aficionados, a screen print kit with graphics from MGK’s very own Tickets to my Downfall complete with a long sleeve tee, five air-dry inks, screenprint squeegee, ink mixing sticks, eco-friendly spray cleaner, and aluminum screen print frame with TTMD graphics! Don’t worry, instructions included. We don’t want it. We need it.

BE@RBRICK FaZe Clan 1000%

Last but certainly not least is the BE@RBRICK FaZe Clan 1000% drop! Fans of FaZe Clan, this one is a must-have! Coming together to produce their take on the iconic Japanese Collectible, the e-Sports organization makes red tiger camo do its thing! The hard-hitting, straight-to-the-chest print accented by the FaZe clan logo can be all yours for $575.

So long, paycheck! To cop any of these super sick finds, be sure to download the NTWRK app here. And as always, let us know what you think of these drops by finding us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop!

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