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These Are The Best Music Videos Of All Time

These Are The Best Music Videos Of All Time

Music videos bring an all-new life to our favorite songs. They allow the fans to put visuals to words that mean so much to us, and they show an all-new level of the artist’s creativity. So many songs have incredible music videos to go along with them, but we’ve narrowed it down to our top ten all-time favorites. These music videos are iconic in their own right and were the perfect visuals to go along with these stellar songs.

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The Happy Fits – ‘Sailing’

Much like the vibe of the song, this music video perfectly sets the ideal summer night. Sitting around a bonfire, playing music with friends, all laughing and having a damn good time. We didn’t get to live that out last summer, but this summer, we can only hope to have a ton of nights just like this.

Stream ‘Sailing’ here!

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One Direction – ‘Night Changes’

Yes, we have imagined we were the ones on each of those dates with the boys. But, can you blame us? Quite frankly, if Zayn Malik pulled up to our house looking like he did in this video, we would follow him anywhere. The ‘Night Changes’ video, at least for us, is the band’s high point when it comes to music videos. They’ve had tons of quality videos like ‘Best Song Ever,’ and the classic ‘What Makes You Beautiful,’ but this one just hits different. We also added “ice skating with Harry Styles” to our bucket list after this music video.

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Taylor Swift Feat. Future And Ed Sheeran – ‘End Game’

Every single Taylor Swift music video is like a movie. She is a pro when it comes to bringing her music to life through visuals. ‘End Game’ just set a new bar. The scenery in this video was next level, from Miami to London to Japan. We’ve got some of the most beautiful shots we’ve seen in a video. The scenes of Taylor on the beach and the bridge, in particular, stick out as high points for us. Also, Taylor and Ed Sheeran are pure friendship goals.

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Katy Perry – ‘Last Friday Night’

Come on. This is the ultimate party song and party music video. We dreamt of attending this party throughout high school, but, sadly, it never happened. We are sure our invites got lost in the mail. Katy’s costars in this video were incredible- our girl Rebecca Black was present, as well as Darren Criss and Kevin McHale from Glee. Katy’s outfit, once she transforms, is straight out of our 80s dreams. 

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Miley Cyrus – ‘Party In The USA’

We feel like everyone has seen this music video. And rightfully so, we can’t imagine not having seen this work of art. We would still love nothing more than to be jamming out with Miley Cyrus in a parking lot to one of her biggest hits. This song can turn around any bad mood, and the music video acts in the same way.

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5 Seconds Of Summer- ‘She Looks So Perfect’

We can’t believe it’s been seven years since we eagerly awaited this music video’s release. And, of course, we were in no way disappointed. The video perfectly shows why we’ve always simped for these four. It’s body-positive and just a damn good time. The video matches the vibe of the song to a T.

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Lorde – ‘Green Light’

What can we say besides this music video matched the song better than any other we can think of. ‘Green Light’ (to us) has always felt like a night out in New York surrounded by city lights and mysterious strangers. And while the video isn’t set in NYC, the vibes are there. Lorde never misses with visuals, so we can’t be too surprised this was such a slam dunk.

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Bruno Mars – ‘Just The Way You Are’

This music video makes us smile. It’s so cutesy, but not in the way that it’s cheesy. This video ignited the spark that made us fall in love with Bruno Mars as an artist, and we are so thankful for that. This song swept the nation upon its release and is always referred to as one of the greatest songs of the 2010s. The cassette tape concept is so dope, and we loved to see how it was executed here.

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Jonas Brothers – ‘Year 3000’

While technically this is a cover of a Busted song, we still constantly refer to it as a Jonas Brothers classic. The music video just gives off all the early 2000s vibes possible, and it’s nostalgic and perfect. We still remember the first time we saw this video, and it was over from there- we’ve been superfans of these three ever since.

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Justin Bieber – ‘One Less Lonely Girl’

We were never the ‘One Less Lonely Girl’ at a Justin Bieber concert, and we are still salty about it- we just had to say that. Now onto the topic at hand, this music video is probably the cutest of all time. The little scavenger hunt is just utterly adorable and sets the bar for our teenage relationships way too high. This song will always make us feel warm inside. We may still have the Bieber fever.

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We would love to hear from you! What is your all-time favorite music video? Let us know by commenting down below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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