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Alice Pisano Joins These Artists Who’ve Written Songs That Line Up With Years Of Our lives

Alice Pisano Joins These Artists Who’ve Written Songs That Line Up With Years Of Our lives

Be it ‘Seventeen’ by Alice Pisano or ‘Fifteen’ by Taylor Swift there is something about songs that encapsulate a specific year of life that are just elite. They attach themselves to so many memories for so many people and for a whole year of our lives we play out these songs to the max. Each song we talk about in this article we are so sure will never stop hitting as hard as when they were first released.

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Seventeen – Alice Pisano

If you haven’t jumped on the Alice Pisano train what are you doing with your life? She is this breath of fresh air that just makes the most incredible music. Her track ‘Seventeen’ makes us flashback to our high school relationships feeling like they were the end all be all. Of course, they weren’t but you never know that in the moment, and when it’s over its soul crushing. She sings with such emotion you can tell the song is personal to her.

Fifteen – Taylor Swift

Was this the first song to make us cry on a bathroom floor? Yes, it was! We are immediately transported back to feeling like the heartbreak we experienced at the hands of people not worth our time at the age of ‘Fifteen’ felt like the end of the world. This track perfectly explains the middle school/high school experience. Your first heartbreak truly does break you temporarily and this track always reminds us of that blow. Now we’re grown up and about to experience this song all over again on Fearless (Taylor’s Version), so please excuse us as we cry.

19 You + Me – Dan & Shay

We automatically think of summer and all things pure when listening to this track all about falling in love at 19. Every summer you know this track is getting turned up and we’re dancing around a bonfire beer in hand. It’s only right. Everyone has that young love that was just so full of excitement and experiencing so many things together and traveling and it’s all encapsulated right here. And come on, this music video is like a warm hug, so precious.

Twenty One – Greyson Chance

Everyone needs a track to the soundtrack of their 21st year and we are beyond jealous that anyone who turns 21 from now on gets this one. It’s a perfect pregame track that matches perfectly with how a lot of people spend 21. It’s fun and has all the classic Greyson Chance elements we love out of all of his records. And his voice? As always flaw free.

18 – 5 Seconds Of Summer

This will forever go down as an all-time favorite 5SOS track for us. It’s so much fun and has this killer chorus that comes in so heavy and always makes us dance around our rooms. We are still mourning the music video we never got. Truly a missed opportunity with how humorous some of these lyrics are. It’s such a relatable thing to be younger and thirsting over someone older than you and it’s perfectly described here. For us, it was John Stamos but ya know whatever floats your boat.

Seventeen – Alessia Cara

We all were in this rush to grow up that Alessia sings about on this track. But once you hit a certain age you really do wish you could have frozen the time at the age of seventeen. She sings with so much emotion and it really hammers in the message of the track. We get a bit emotional just thinking about all the pain that could have been avoided if time really froze at seventeen. We know we already have ‘Seventeen’ by Alice Pisano on here but we had to add this one as well.

18 – One Direction

You guys know we couldn’t do this article without including this perfect track. All we want to think about right now is any of the five boys loving us since we were ’18’ so yes we will pretend they wrote this for us and live in peaceful bliss. Everything about this build up to the chorus just makes us want to scream every word at full volume.

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22 – Taylor Swift

This one is a no-brainer. Even if you’re not a certified swiftie like us, everyone knows this song and has blasted it on their 22nd birthday. It’s ritual at this point. It’s so bright and poppy we can’t imagine a happier song. We truly wish we could relive our 22nd year of life just to have this song continue to feel relatable.

We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite track from our list? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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