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Ashton Irwin Reminds Us That Things Are Better In The Sky With ‘Down To Earth’

Ashton Irwin Reminds Us That Things Are Better In The Sky With ‘Down To Earth’


Ashton Irwin has been serving some marvelous treats to fans over the last few months. With the release of his debut solo album, Superbloom, late last year amidst the pandemic, continuously interacting and engaging with fans online, and giving the 5SOSFam a deeper look into not only his but the band’s creative process- it would be selfish for us to ask for more.

But, thankfully, our ray of sunshine (AKA Ashton Irwin) just continues to shower us with his mind-blowing creativity with an unofficial track that took him seemingly no time to put together- ‘Down To Earth.’

Getting an Instagram Live notification from Ashton Irwin, you have no idea what to expect. Do we get a deeply thought-out speech that just helps make our day? Or what about a drum cover? Or an inside look into a creative process? This time, he gave us a whole track.

Sitting in front of his camera and keyboard, Ashton holds a bass guitar and vibes out to some pre-recorded elements before working out the next part of the song. Although only under 30 minutes, he talks us through the inspirations to the current sounds he has going on, re-records some loops to gets them exactly right, and just lets us inside of his head for a few moments.

He leaves the live mentioning he would next be writing lyrics but is signing off as that’s harder to do in front of a live audience.

Of course, fans were left lingering wanting to know the outcome of the song, with Ashton even teasing that he was listening to it.

Just a few hours later, Ashton Irwin pulled through and dropped a link to Dropbox, so fans can hear what he had finished from just the other day. And in Ashton’s sharing nature, of course, he gave fans the lyrics so they could vibe along.

The lyricist in Ashton Irwin never ceases to amaze us, and when it’s paired with his musicality- it’s the literal representation of *chef’s kiss*. Combing a comforting psychedelic-ish vibe with words that many can relate to, it’s almost as if Ashton is saying he understands us, as he wraps us in a warm embrace- filled with the most comforting energy. With more vulnerable lyrics like “the world it doesn’t let me in, it makes me make a world within,” you can almost connect with him in this musical realm as he lets us into his mind.

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And it wouldn’t be a 5SOSFam release day without everyone putting their own theories behind the track and its inspiration.

Fans are loving the sound, and always feel so endeared when Ashton takes the time out of his day to share content and his thoughts with his fans. So, if you don’t have his notifications on, you may want to run to Instagram and fix that so you don’t miss any more of this amazing content! But until then, we’re taking the wise words of Ashton Irwin to heart and jumping into our creative side with this track on repeat!

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Featured Image via Ashton Irwin on Instagram

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