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Carrie Underwood Just Scored Her Ninth Number One Album Which Calls For Celebration!

Carrie Underwood Just Scored Her Ninth Number One Album Which Calls For Celebration!

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For years Carrie Underwood has been the queen of country music and a theme in her songs has always been her faith. So it only makes sense that she would release a Christian album which she titled My Savior. The album went number one on both Country and Christian charts and has secured Carrie Underwood’s spot as the only Country artist to have nine albums consecutively debut at number one!

To celebrate this monumental achievement, we are going to gush about some of our favorite Carrie Underwood songs from over the years! All of these tracks show why Carrie Underwood is one of the most successful country artists of all time. Choosing our top ten was a challenge, but somehow, we managed!

‘Blown Away’

We are still ‘Blown Away’ with how insanely good Carrie Underwood sounds in this track. The notes she hits are otherworldly. As is valid with so many of her tracks, the meaning behind this one hits hard. Growing up with an abusive parent can be life-altering. The lyrics paint a tragic story, and you can hear the emotion behind each word she sings. This song may be triggering for some, so if you’ve experienced a relationship of this nature with a parent or guardian, it may be a challenging listen.

‘Before He Cheats’

We truly believe this song raised us to be the scorned exes we are today. The girls just aren’t making petty songs like these anymore. The energy truly is unmatched. We truly can’t even count how many times we watched the music video for this track, thinking Carrie Underwood was the most powerful woman. But let’s be clear on one thing both fruity little drinks and shooting whiskey are damn good times.

‘Temporary Home’

If you’re in the mood to cry, you can go ahead and turn this one up. It’s such a heartbreaking song but also full of that hopefulness that there’s life after death. This is one of the tracks that Carrie Underwood shows her faith by talking about how the earth is just your ‘Temporary Home.’ Carrie’s voice is very soft in this track which we just love, and it matches the vibe perfectly.

‘All American Girl’

We just can’t help but feel nostalgia listening to ‘All American Girl.’ We had it downloaded on our MP3 players and constantly listened to it when we were in school. It’s such a bright cutesy song that is best played during the sunniest days of summer. That’s when the vibes are right for this Carrie Underwood classic.

‘Last Name’

This song gives off ‘What Happens In Vegas’ vibes. Having a night so crazy that you end up married and don’t even know your own ‘Last Name’. Truly what a night, The energy is unmatched, this is still on every playlist for a night out and we don’t see that changing anytime soon. Carrie Underwood makes straight-up fire music.

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