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Here’s How Robot Popstar Miquela is Ahead of Her Time

Here’s How Robot Popstar Miquela is Ahead of Her Time

Miquela has been continuously growing her platform and her presence on social media and continues to be one of the hottest it-girls to follow. Being an AI robot definitely gives her some advantages compared to those of us who are human. As she goes on her mission of recharging hearts and sharing a bit more love in a world that needs it, we’re sharing how she is a bot that’s ahead of her time.

Lil Miquela NFT The Honey POP Venus Series
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She connects with her fans on a personal level

Not only does Miquela keep her followers and fans (known as Miqaliens) in the loop with her journey through life as a robot with the drip, but she also connects with them on a personal level. Back last year Miq opened up her very own Discord as a way to connect with Miqaliens and offer them a safe space. Introducing the sever, she refers to it as a place “where dreams exceed expectations and where strangers become friends. This is a place where we connect. Where community and individuality aren’t at odds.” She holds a weekly event named ‘Virtual Saturday’ where fans connect together listening to themed playlists and play quiz-like games together. It has been a great way to connect, especially in what feels like a lonely time during the pandemic. Connecting with your fans is something so special and valuable to both parties and Miquela literally treats her discord like a group chat, always checking in on fans and making personal connections with each of them. We can’t help but stan!

She’s created an NFT series

NFTs are becoming increasingly popular this year, but of course, our girl already had her foot in the doorway! Back last year, Miquela dropped the first of her NFT series, Venus, which sold for 159.5 ETH and benefitted Black Girls CODE, whose mission is to increase the number of women of color in the digital technology space by introducing girls 7-17 to CS. Now, Miquela and her team at Brud, a next-gen entertainment, and technology company, have announced a five-part digital art series of NFT. The themes are specific to Miquela and are an exploration of identity through her embodiment of Venus, ‘Unseen by eyes, but forged in stone.’ Part 2 of the series has a limited edition NFT which will be unlocked once 1,500 wallet addresses have been shared, at which point the free art will be airdropped simultaneously to all participants.

You can be part of the 1,500 to collect yours for free right here.

And with more to come from the series, we can expect the remainder of the series to roll out between now and early summer, which explores themes of nurturing, adoration, and double-edged love. We can hardly wait!

Using her platform as a musician to boost smaller artists

Back last year, Miquela enlisted some of her fans who are aspiring and smaller musicians to deliver their best covers of some of her songs as part of the special project #MiquelaCovers, which raised money for The Plus1 Covid-19 Relief Fund to support MusiCares and Plus1 for Black Lives to support grassroots organizations working to dismantle systemic racism and promote equality for all. This put a number of smaller artists in the spotlight of Miquela’s hefty following, which is an incredible way to support those trying to get into the industry. Nothing but love for our girl!

She collaborates with independent artists and creators

While it’s common for Miquela to collaborate with bigger brands on projects, for her own Club404 she has worked with smaller creatives to launch things such as collections, with many having meaningful messages behind them. Treating these independent designers as as big of a deal as high-end clothing designers gives these artists more exposure, and offers something more original and unique.

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Overall, Miquela is out here being the realest, even if one of the biggest questions she’s faced is if she even is “real” -she’s redefining the meaning of “real” and she’s out here paving the way in trends, connection, and showing us humans how it should be done. Literally, if you aren’t stanning, we have to question why!

Lil Miquela NFT The Honey POP Venus Series
Image Source: GIPHY

Are you a Miqalien? Will you be collecting some of her NFT artwork? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!


Featured image source: Miquela via Instagram

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