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Radiohead Opens Their Magic Vault for You

Radiohead Opens Their Magic Vault for You

Missing the dirty and sweaty gigs? Want to relive the atmosphere of the good old times? Let’s go back in time, thanks to Thom Yorke and his friends of Radiohead, who’ll open their old vault and reminisce some souvenirs. Each week, starting this Friday, you’ll get the chance to stream one live show from the past. Let’s get back to 93 Feet East, the iconic Brick Lane club on April 9th.

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Three decades of stunning music!

Radiohead experimented with many styles through the years. They became such an influence on many bands, evolving and making a change in society with their various music projects and beyond. From their indie raw and grunge-like guitars on Pablo Honey in 1993 (who never sang “I’m a creep. I’m a weirdo” in their teenage years?) to jazz vibes on In Rainbows, the Oxford quintet uses their creativity to the maximum and shines on the British and international scenes. Want to enjoy the good old classics or feel to discover more that you missed out on? The Radiohead Public Library is here for you with all the hits- from ‘High And Dry,’ ‘Karma Police,’ and ‘The National Anthem.’

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What happens when you have so many fans who want to see you live? In 2008, Radiohead was the arena-type anthemic band everyone wanted a glimpse of. So, an in-store gig at Rough Trade shop moved to the club around the corner at the last minute because there were too many attendees and people screaming outside. What became a quintessential show at 93 Feet east will finally be out to you in the comfort of your home next Friday. Still, in our days, they are selling millions of tickets and records every single day, gaining some new fans and keeping a loyal base from their Britpop years. They are the kind of band that reinvents itself with the groove of the moment, and we can’t get enough! Want to access the memorable gig? You just have to follow one single step by subscribing to Radiohead’s YouTube channel.

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Groove In The Rainbows

At the time, Radiohead was promoting the release of In Rainbows. This album marked for the first time a relationship between the artist and the fans. Before Bandcamp, they set the “pay as you want” basics and people downloaded the songs for their hearing pleasure. Melodic, complex, and revolutionary- this album is one of the band’s finest to date. The record won the best alternative album at the GRAMMYs in 2009 and earned many great critics. Even singer-songwriter Lianne La Havas and DJ/producer Kelly Lee Owens covered the track ‘Arpeggi/Weird Fishes’ originally on this album last year. Why not enjoy a live performance of the song from the basement while waiting for the weekend offering?

For The Good Cause!

Radiohead is, in the past and present, involved in many important causes. Helping the vulnerable people with Amnesty International to encouraging fair trade and environmental causes, they still want to help, and they need you! The band recently partnered with #WeMakeEvents, supporting the backstage workers across the globe. Just pick your favorite look, buy the t-shirt you want, and do your part. Be in the Radiohead crew: here!

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