renforshort makes no ‘exception’ for love

renforshort makes no ‘exception’ for love

Is folk-pop your cup of tea? Can’t get enough of new music from Lennon Stella, Ashe, or Julia Michael’s? We may have exactly what you need today with Canadian singer-songwriter Lauren Isenberg, better known as renforshort. She just gifted us with a new track, ‘exception’ while waiting eagerly for her second EP Off Saint Dominique due for release this Spring.

Love in all its forms

Love. This is a big word. It can apply to anything in all realness or dreams. Who never fancies a teacher while being in high school? A famous person? Anyone? renforshort made in ‘exception’ a story we can relate to. We just want to be noticed, to feel that someone needs us. “I’m only eighteen, But I know how to love, I won’t let you down, If you let me try”, she goes in the pre-chorus, showing no matter which generation we are in, let’s dare and never give up.

Image source: Steph Verschuren

Diner rendez-vous?

renforshort describes loneliness and sadness in the brand new video directed by Iris Kim. Johnny Orlando’s ‘Adelaide’ cinematographer sets the dream portrayed in the lyrics in a lovely diner place. Do you ever imagine cuddling with your loved one, talking, laughing, and smiling? That’s the only thing renforshort desires. But as always, the picture is vanishing to confront us to the hard reality. Watch the visuals here.

The melodies keep getting straight to the heart! renforshort’s creative work and lyrical sensibility on ‘exception’ are available for you to own on your favorite platform here. Consider yourself as a new music enthusiast? There’s more you can discover and we suggest you also stream or download her first EP Teenage Angst here.

Make no ‘exceptions’ and tell us what you think on Twitter @thehoneypop, Facebook, or Instagram.

For more comforting sounds buzz on over here!


Featured Image Source: Steph Verschuren

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