Taylor´s Fearless Vault has been Opened Again!

Taylor´s Fearless Vault has been Opened Again!

Taylor Swift has opened again her vault of the Fearless re-recording, giving us one of the unreleased songs of her 2008 album. She is making us travel back in time to the country-pop era of our favorite singer. We are freaking out so much that we don’t know how we will handle all the releases of Fearless (Taylor´s Version)?

Mr. Perfectly Fine

‘Mr. Perfectly Fine’ was one of the songs that didn’t make it on Taylor‘s album Fearless in 2008, but we have been given the opportunity to listen to a better version of another masterpiece of Taytay. After having a folklore sound in her two previous albums, hearing our lifelong favorite artist going back to her roots is something our hearts are enjoying so much. We are having the chance to relive one of the most amazing eras in every fan’s life. Swifties, we have been blessed.

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Let’s talk about it…

Taylor’s latest release is one of the songs we were missing in our lives. Talking about a player-type man, who made these wonderful promises, or as our queen calls “Mr. Looked me in the eye and told me you would never go away, the song expresses angry and disappointed emotions of someone breaking a relationship with no reason. Reminding us the people aren’t who we think. Swift has proven again that since the start of her career, she is the best songwriter in history.

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We are not the only ones freaking out!

Even though Taylor’s music has matured around the years, going back to the world moving drama songs she created back then is something we all love. And she has just confirmed to us that she is freaking out as much as we are for the time travel voyage with ‘Mr. Perfectly Fine’, we had with her new release. Taylor is such a mood, and we love her.

Being the fourth song off her re-recorded album, ‘Mr. Perfectly Fine’ made us even more excited for the rest of the songs to finally be released. And we don’t have to wait long, April 9th is just around the corner! Get ready to go back to 2008 with the one and only Taylor Swift!

Are you as impatient as us to hear Taylor’s version of Fearless as much as us? Tell us in the comments which song you are most excited about! Buzz on over to our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to be updated on Taylor’s work!


Featured image: Beth Garrabrant for Universal Music Group

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