Tierra Whack Linked Up with LEGO to Create One Wildly Imaginative Video

Tierra Whack Linked Up with LEGO to Create One Wildly Imaginative Video

Tierra Whack is back with one of her signature weird-but-beautiful music videos, and this time, she had help. As part of LEGO’s Rebuild The World Campaign, she spent a day brainstorming video ideas with little kids. Tierra Whack already does such a great job at creating interesting visuals, but armed with the boundless imaginations of kids, her creativity knew no bounds. The result is one seriously colorful intergalactic story about adventure, teamwork, and friendship!

Inspired by her own childhood memories, and kids playing with Legos, Tierra has delivered a truly entertaining watch for viewers of all ages. Watch it right here:

That blue alien’s certainly got some moves, don’t ya think? And no offense but we’d die for the cute pink one!

Regarding the creative process, Tierra was ready to make anything possible with this video, commenting, “I was so excited to work with kids because their energy is fun, exhilarating, never-ending, and full of surprises. I really trusted them, and I knew they were going to come up with something great.” That they did.

Working with LEGO, Tierra helped realize the kids’ creative concepts to the best of her abilities. The wacky out-of-this-world characters and the vibrant rainbow of colors make for such fun visuals. Our heart was so sad when she started missing her friends, but so happy when she crashed back to them. And we mean… who hasn’t wanted to blast off to space forever?

But wait! There’s more…

If you wanna see how the entire concept for this video came together (and experience a cuteness overload) LEGO has released a behind the scenes video on the making of ‘Link.’ It covers everything; from Tierra’s excitement to be working with kids, to the hummingbirds, castles and rocket ships which made this work of art all possible.

Which alien was your favorite from the video? Let us know by tweeting @TheHoneyPOP or visiting our Facebook page! You can also leave a comment down below!

Looking for even more? Why not click here!


Featured Image Source: courtesy of ‘Link’ Official Music Video

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