‘You Belong To Somebody Else´ Lyrics Video Is Out!

‘You Belong To Somebody Else´ Lyrics Video Is Out!

We’ve been addicted to Noah Cyrus and PJ Harding’s latest single ‘You Belong To Somebody Else‘, and now we can’t stop watching the new lyrics video for the song that has been released!

‘You Belong To Somebody Else’ is the second glorious song from their upcoming album titled PEOPLE DON’T CHANGE. Dated for April 23rd, the album is going to bring us more music from our favorite duo, with this amazing folklore-country sound that is taking our breath away.

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‘You Belong To Somebody Else’

For the music video of one of our personal favorite songs from Noah, they decided to take us on a night road trip under the rain, looking at the stars while we are hearing the majestic combination of Noah’s and PJ’s voices. While admiring the trees and creatures of the night, the story told in the lyrics brings us closer to the feelings expressed in the song. It is too much for us to handle!

The Eye’s Chico…

The soft drawings and animations used around the song are just something we are loving. We love how the video is developed from the perspective of an eye, which is telling us that we are placed as someone in the relationship they talk about, helping us see the way the story develops in their minds.

April 23rd Is Finally Coming!

We are counting every second left to finally hear PEOPLE DON’T CHANGE! While waiting for this amazing upcoming album, we are jamming to some of their amazing songs like ‘Dear August‘, another collaboration of these two great artists, and Noah’s most recent single ‘All Three‘. We need our daily dose of Noah and PJ Harding to survive the day!

We are so ready for the release of their EP album! Don’t forget to set your reminders for April 23rd to listen to more of this majestic combination of voices! What are you most excited about PEOPLE DON’T CHANGE? Tell us in the comments and don’t forget to buzz with us on our Twitter @TheHoneyPop!

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Feature Image Source: Jamie Sward via High Rise

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[…] PJ Harding and Noah Cyrus have been working on an incredible EP, and we can feel the chemistry that these astonishing and talented artists have together. The sound and vibes of this album are immaculate. We’re never gonna stop loving this EP! […]

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