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Ahead Of The Glee Reunion To Honor Naya Rivera’s Character, Let’s Recap Our Favorite Santana Moments!

Ahead Of The Glee Reunion To Honor Naya Rivera’s Character, Let’s Recap Our Favorite Santana Moments!

The GLAAD awards are upon us, which means we are that much closer to a Glee reunion! The cast is reuniting as part of a tribute to Santana Lopez’s impact on the LGBTQ+ community and honoring Naya Rivera in the wake of her unexpected passing. They celebrate the 10th anniversary of Santana Lopez coming out on Glee which was such a pivotal moment in the show’s history.

Since the passing of Naya Rivera, we hold onto any opportunity to talk about the impact she’s had. For many of us, Santana Lopez was the first person we could look at on TV and see ourselves. Her portrayal of the character was groundbreaking. Aside from her acting work, she was an activist in her everyday life for the community and was just the brightest light. Seeing the impact, her passing has had on the world brings tears to our eyes just thinking about it. She is very missed and so deeply loved by us and millions of others around the world.

To celebrate this tribute at the GLAAD awards, we wanted to take a walk down memory lane and talk about all things Santana Lopez by breaking down our favorite moments she had throughout the six seasons we were gifted of Glee.

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‘If I Die Young’

We can’t watch this tribute Santana Lopez did to Finn Hudson without crying. It’s too hard-hitting when you think of Naya and Cory. For those who aren’t aware, Cory Monteith, who played Finn on Glee, passed away on July 13th, 2013, and seven years later to the day Naya Rivera’s body was found. They both died young, way too young. The emotion in this scene was all too real as the cast was very much so still dealing with Cory’s passing in real life while mourning Finn’s passing on screen. Bone-chilling is the best way we’d describe this now even more somber moment.

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Brittana Wedding

Honestly, this is one of the most beautiful moments we got between Brittany and Santana throughout the show. Aside from the shock of the show writers making this a double wedding and throwing our second favorite couple Klaine in the mix we got to see the couple we’d always rooted for tie the knot. It was so soft and pure and just a feel-good episode.


Glee and Taylor Swift are two things that we are super fans of. So when we got Santana Lopez doing a cover of Taylor’s hit song ‘Mine,’ we were in absolute heaven. This song is one of Santana’s softer moments and was such a win for anyone hardcore shipping her and Brit.

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Chewing Kurt Out

When Santana wanted to go after someone who left no line uncrossed, our jaws were dropped the entire time she dragged Kurt Hummel. In Santana’s defense, though, Kurt had no business comparing their situations when Santana and Brittany had a much healthier relationship than he and Blaine had ever had.


Hands down ‘Valerie’ is one of Santana’s best performances. Her voice is absolutely insane. We’d put it in the top 10 all-time Glee numbers. We listen to it all the time, truly. We are so bummed out we never got to go to the tour and hear Naya bless us all with her gift live.

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Trouty Mouth

Talk about iconic! This has always been one of the most memorable Glee moments for us. It is just so funny how serious Santana is and how obviously offended Sam is. To be fair a whole song making fun of the size of your mouth is a bit harsh but it a jam. And everyone’s faces, while Santana is singing just, makes the whole scene that much better.

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Coming Out To Her Abuela

This moment still makes us teary-eyed. Such a heartbreaking situation that, sadly, way too many people have had to go through. We are so glad Santana had such supportive friends who loved her while dealing with the rejection from someone so significant to her.

We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite Santana Lopez moment? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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