Ashlyn Is Coming!

Ashlyn Is Coming!

We woke up today, and we can’t believe our eyes. After several theories about what Ashe was trying to tell us these past few days, she has finally dropped the bomb- her debut album is coming, y’all! Are you ready for it? Cause we can’t wait a minute longer!

Ashe announced the title of her debut album via her social media-  Ashlyn, and it’s going to be released on May 7th, and we have started the countdown for the album we have all been waiting a long time for. After conquering our hearts with her songs over the past few years, she is finally ready to finish taking over the world, and Ashlyn is going to help her. You can pre-order her new album HERE!

After her two singles, ‘Moral of the Story’ and ‘Till Forever Falls Apart,’ the singer is ready to give company to her two beautiful babies with more artwork that we all know will steal our hearts.

The album Ashlyn is the follow-up of her previous releases, Moral of the Story Chapter 1 & 2. She will continue telling us about her emotional voyage that has brought her where she is today. Ashe’s sound is something we are in love with, and we can’t wait to follow her on her journey with her debut album. We haven’t heard it, and we know it is going to be ashemazing.

More Surprises Are Coming!

But that’s not all. Ashe has some surprises in her pocket! Via her Twitter, Ashe has warned us that more things are coming. We aren’t letting our phones rest until we know everything she is hiding! She has also revealed to us that tomorrow, April 8th, she will release a song featured on her long-awaited album titled ‘I’m Fine.’ Start preparing yourself to get Ashetonnished by our music goddess.

We can’t wait for the new album! But if you want to hear more music from the angelic voice of Ashe in the meantime, don’t worry because we have a special playlist for you!

We are so excited for more music from our queen Ashe, and we can’t wait to hear the new songs she has prepared for her debut album. Tell us in the comments! What song are you most excited to hear on the album? Also, don’t forget to reach out to us on our InstagramFacebook, and Twitter to stay updated on everything Ashe is preparing for us.

Need more music in your life? We got ya!



Featured Image Source: Dana Trippe

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