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Tony Allen Comes Alive Again on ‘Stumbling Down’

Tony Allen Comes Alive Again on ‘Stumbling Down’

You may have heard his name a couple of times around with your favourite artists. Having such a brilliant career of more than 50 years, the legendary Tony Allen was the fusion between pop, rock and world beats. He left suddenly last year, bequeathing a great musical heritage. This week celebrates the release of a new track ‘Stumbling Down’ feat Sampa The Great, a song that will appear on his upcoming posthumous album There Is No End at the end of April.

The Spirit of Music

Nearly a year after his death, Tony Allen is still alive in our hearts. The music is living through the grooves and the essence of creation he offered us. Jammed to Sébastien Tellier, Fela Kuti or Gorillaz, The Good The Bad And The Queen and Blur’s Damon Albarn in the past? Or you still do? You will find Tony’s own textures and drum skills on these. Now, on his new album coming, he wanted to learn from the new generation of soul and rap musicians. That’s exactly what we find, in all the wisdom, on the new single ‘Stumbling Down’.

Tony Allen
Image Source: Bernard Benant and Navire Argo

A fusion of sounds

Want to explore new music styles? If you were a teenager in the 90s, Tony Allen’s ‘Stumbling Down’ will remind you of the trip-hop sounds in the likes of Massive Attack and Tricky. The prodigious drummer associates with Zambian-born Sampa The Great, giving the rapper a voice. We can take a place in this world. “I’m large and in charge, brave, I confirm I’m in hard pain’’. It’s not always easy, we struggle, but once our goals are set, we’re on fire! “No one should take my pride, no one will change my mind”, the rapper spits onto the bass downtempo beats and rhythmic drum loops. Ghostly infectious, it’s impossible to not listen to the words of confidence. We cannot contain the contagious escape ‘Stumbling Down’ giving us.

After the first Skepta featured single ‘Cosmosis’, Tony Allen leads us to different directions from funky-jazz psychedelia to deep cut grooves. ‘Stumbling Down’ hypnotic lyrics may let us unsteady, but we always got back on our feet. Listen here.

How do you feel about that groovy track? Can’t wait for There Is No End? The new album is up to preorder here.

In the meantime, you can stream ‘Stumbling Down’ on Spotify or Apple Music or buy on iTunes. And let us know what you think on Twitter @thehoneypop, Facebook or Instagram.

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Featured image source: Bernard Benant and Navire Argo

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