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15 The 1975 Songs To Transform Your Playlist Into Art

15 The 1975 Songs To Transform Your Playlist Into Art

We’re going to be honest, the four-piece, not-a-pop band from Manchester, The 1975, is much more than the confections ‘Chocolate,’ (but still it’s an undeniable bop). Their discography is bursting with the uniqueness of fine tunes and throughout four studio albums, a live album, five extended plays, and twelve singles, they push the boundaries of the mainstream sound waves and redefines music into aural art.

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Don’t believe us? Then sit back and listen to this curated list of fifteen genre-bending The 1975 songs that hit heavy with the lyricism but bring you into complete bliss with the sound! It’s the juxtaposition we crave and will certainly up your playlist game into a work of art!

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We’re starting the right way with this glittering track, ‘Girls,’ just for reassurance that The 1975 is not a pop band. *wink* The track pops with that bright melody in the guitars and the addicting beat thumping in both the bass and drums, you go, George Daniel, that creates a sense of euphoria!

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‘Love It If We Made It’

If you know The 1975, then you know they are no strangers in voicing their opinions, particularly lead vocalist Matty Healy, on an array of important topics on their platforms and even in between songs at concerts! Of course, it even bleeds into their music-making and this staccato track ‘Love It If We Made’ is the best example to date. They don’t go easy on us with those heavy lyrics, but it’s to spark activism and change!

‘If I Believe You’

We absolutely love the organ that commands our attention from the opening measures in ‘If I Believe You’ that drives the ethereal vibe throughout and with those glorious vocal harmonies. This is one of The 1975’s on the gospel tracks without a doubt. We also love Matty’s honesty as he ponders “If I’m lost then how can I find myself?”

‘Somebody Else’

Wow! ‘Somebody Else’ still stuns us even though we heard it countless times since the release of their second album I like when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it. The electronic beat pulsing from the synthesizer, a true The 1975 instrument staple, is hypnotic and no surprise but those lyrics are hitting us right in the feels.

‘Change of Heart’

The 1975 never shies away in trying unique instruments to achieve a distinctive sound, and, even though the extraterrestrial, theremin-like-sound, is actually from a portamento keyboard, it still proves our point! Big shout out to Adam Hann on those keys, who can do it all besides playing the guitar!

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‘Not Living (If It’s Not With You)’

Ah! The juxtaposition of The 1975’s music has arrived on this list with ‘Not Living (If It’s Not With You).’ Don’t be fooled by those harmonious backing vocals and jovial instrumentals, because when you carefully listen to the hidden message in the lyrics, you will realize that it reveals Matty’s past addiction to drugs. It truly is an art that came from the darkness, even the mania theme in music video production!


This track’s title may shock you with how blunt it is, but ‘Sex’ is a certified THP bop and is truly a classic in the band’s collection! While the majority of their songs dabble in electro-pop, dream-pop, and synth-pop, ‘Sex’ is riddled in rock influence and we would argue their best efforts in Alternative Rock! Please, take us back to when we heard this one live for the first time because it bites like no other in concert!

‘If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know)’

We just have to say it, Ross MacDonald is an absolute boss on the bass, and he demonstrates his sick abilities in ‘If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know)’ the best! It revved us up for the release of their latest album Notes On A Conditional, and we’ve been infatuated with every aspect of this bop since! It also refreshed the idea that The 1975 will always be evolving but can keep to the classics by hinting at their 80s influence. It’s simply the perfect formula to lock us in! We’re smirking while we fantasize about being the “Girl of your dreams” Matty sings about.

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‘She’s American’

This one is so much fun! That fleeting guitar sprinkled throughout is just soooo cool, and we always find ourselves playing the air guitar along with it every time we hear it! Plus, it puts us in a good mood with its playful vibe and how it creates the indescribable effect that music has on your body. We feel this one, dude!

‘The Sound’

We love how self-aware The 1975 is! Other than this blissful and disco-like melody, ‘The Sound’ is so cleverly put together, especially in the context of the music video. The 1975 music is unapologetic, and for that reason, they received confused feedback; the music video plays into that idea so perfectly! When we hear the line “Oh, and you say (You say) I’m such a cliché” will just never be the same again. And it will be forever our fave!


We’re slowing it down for a moment to give you this impressive tune off their EP IV. We just love how ‘fallingforyou’ unfolds in the lyrics, but in the sound, it’s a The 1975 rarity! Among the energetic tracks with loaded melodies and nuances that continuously shift, this hidden gem stays within established sonic boundaries, only nudging outside lines with Matty’s falsettos!


The meditative ‘Medicine’ is everything you need for a chillout kind of vibe, but no surprise, to also spark those deeper meanings of life. To us, ‘Medicine’ encapsulates the reason why we love music in the first place and the way The 1975 does it here is pure perfection. Music is truly our “medicine” and we can’t help but agree with these lyrics “Yeah, you rid me of the blues/ Ever since you came into my life.”

‘Frail State of Mind’

Much like the rest of the album Notes On A Conditional Form, ‘Frail State Of Mind’ shows The 1975 experimentation especially in the ambiance that incorporates dubstep and a hint of EDM! It also is reminiscent of their ‘TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME,’ which although didn’t officially make our list, is still worth noting! We love the whole cohesion idea of nods to prior albums!

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‘Love Me’

Oh, all the sass in ‘Love Me’ from that funky melody to overdrive in the rhythm section and the way Matty jabs at all pop culture and fame! The reason we are so passionate about The 1975’s music is they never skimp on the details. The fact the instrumentals on ‘Love Me’ exuded the same attitude Matty is giving us in lyrics like “You look famous, let’s be friends and portray we possess something important” is uncanny!

‘Settle Down’

Finally, the elated ‘Settle Down’ with all the starry synths (see, it’s a staple), the hooking guitar riff, and the nuances are quintessential sound for the English band! They’ve transformed so much since 2013 with their self-titled album, The 1975, but we’re glad to know they still stick to their roots!

Phew! What a musical journey it has been trekking through The 1975’s collection to best describe their music in just fifteen songs. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and believe you are now ready to add these songs to your playlist that will make them a work of art!

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Which The 1975 song is a fave of yours that we didn’t include? What songs would make your ideal The 1975 playlist? Let’s keep the conversation going by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP or commenting below!

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