Alice Merton Gives You Some ‘Vertigo’

Alice Merton Gives You Some ‘Vertigo’

She tried to find her roots four years ago, and now, Alice Merton is back to drop her energy brick, with ‘Vertigo’. We feel dizzy indeed, but in a great way. Not only has she released the song, but she has also offered us a powerful video!

On The Rockier Side!

Remember that baseball scene in Twilight when Muse’s ‘Supermassive Black Hole’ chords first started? Well, well, well… the new track from Alice Merton brings that hint of rock nostalgia! The melody is bold, strong and those drum beats following the heavy bass are hot! If you liked The Honey POP’s latest Royal Blood pieces and vibed with those synth-pop electronic vibes melting into heavy rock, that’s a sure sign you are going to be charmed by ‘Vertigo’.

Breathe In, Breathe Out

The sound’s getting louder, the floor starts shaking” sings Alice Merton with crystal-clear cut vocals, in the first verse of ‘Vertigo’. She’s depicting how everything can fall down, how we all are fragile as humans. “And my head keeps pounding, my feet are still hurting”, she continues, describing the ‘Vertigo’ and losing all of her senses. The guitar riffs obviously represent this dizziness, with the cute and melodic distortions. Bring the fuzz, we absolutely love it! Thank you Alice Merton, or should say Alice In Wonderland? Perhaps, Alice in Neverland? Lost in her thoughts, in the darkness, like living in the ghostly Captain Hook’s Jolly Roger?

Let’s Go To The Hunger Games

‘Vertigo’ isn’t a real feeling? The visuals from Anuk Rohde shoots the adrenaline and the bravery. Anything is up for the win, let’s get to the Hunger Games! With soul and power, we walk along with Alice Merton in a desert-like science-fiction universe where she encounters different characters. Fighting against them, as she would do with the anxiety and the stage fright, overcome with the fear of being judged by others. Watch the video below.

Get your fingers working and click here to download and stream ‘Vertigo’. Any feelings about it? Spill the tea on Twitter @thehoneypop, Facebook or Instagram. Love these kind of female-led pop rock projects? Just keep scrolling and click here!



Featured image source: Anuk Rohde

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