Andrea Bocelli is Ready to Come Back to the Stage!

Andrea Bocelli is Ready to Come Back to the Stage!

The majestic voice that has captivated all of us is ready to come back and take over the North American stages! Andrea Bocelli has just announced the new tour dates for his tour Believe in the United States!!

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For the last 20 years, Andrea Bocelli has shown us the stunning voice he has, reminding us that he is one of the most talented artists in this century. And last year wasn’t the exception! Last November, Bocelli released his newest album Believe, featuring songs such as ‘Hallelujah‘, ‘Inno Sassurato‘, and ‘I Believe‘. His album is just out of this world. We still can’t process how beautiful the songs combined with his amazing voice sound. He is truly the best in what he does.

Listen to Believe HERE !

Believe the Tour

After releasing his most recent album Believe, the Italian singer has confirmed that he will be performing his newest album during his 21 date tour across the United States. From Wisconsin to Orlando, Bocelli will be conquering the US with his unique voice, singing some of his all-time hits that we all love!

From October until December, large stages across the US will be filled with the beautiful melodies the singer has created, letting us enjoy the most beautiful seasons next to his music. Just imagine how gorgeous it would be to spend a fall night listening to this extraordinary artist. Mark your calendars! Because ticket sales are starting on May 3, and you definitely won’t want to miss this show!

For ticket more ticket information click here.

Bocelli is doing it again!

Besides bringing live music back, Andrea Bocelli has reminded us what a big heart he has. In addition to his foundation ‘Andrea Bocelli Foundation’, the singer is also partnering with PLUS1 to donate $1 of every ticket sold to help communities in situations of poverty, illiteracy, and distress.

For more information about the Andrea Bocelli Fundation click here!

We can’t wait to get back to see live performances from amazing artists, such as Andrea Bocelli. Are you planning to go to Believe? Tell us everything in the comments and don’t forget to follow us on our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to be updated on more tour dates!

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