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From ‘Coping’ to ‘The Catch’ These FRANKIE Songs Are Everything

From ‘Coping’ to ‘The Catch’ These FRANKIE Songs Are Everything

If you have the Taylor Swift stamp of approval like FRANKIE does, you know you’re the real deal. Much like our girl Taylor Swift, we are massive FRANKIE fans. She is such a bright pop artist that makes so much incredible pop music that feels like pure sunshine. We truly feel like her music was made to be turned up to max volume on a summer day. It just makes you feel good!

FRANKIE just released her newest single ‘The Catch’, so to celebrate we had to give you some of our favorite tracks of hers to add to all your playlists! It’s only right!

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The Catch

As soon as we heard this track and recognized that signature bright FRANKIE sound, we knew we were going to be playing it on a loop. And of course, we were right! Behind the pop-infused sound though, you get this incredible message. As people that overthink so many things, we couldn’t help but relate to constantly trying to find ‘The Catch’ whenever things are going well. Seeing that turn around at the end, where she’s ready to accept that maybe there isn’t a catch, is just exactly what we love to see.

Stream ‘The Catch’ here!

Ghost With Scott Hoying feat. One Night

We are automatically sold on any track that features Scott Hoying. His vocals are unmatched and we could gush about them all day. We just adore him.

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The ghosting epidemic in modern dating has affected us all, let’s be honest! It’s become the new normal when you lose interest in someone and we are going to use this track to cope whenever that happens to us in the future. And having Scott and FRANKIE tell opposite sides of this story was genius! It’s a little too relatable and in the right mood, could be a song you cry to instead of the usual mood, which is screaming the lyrics with friends.


This was the track that got us into FRANKIE. It introduced us to this bubbly bright pop star, which is rare to come by, with so many artists choosing the darker pop (which we also love) route. We spent most of late 2017 and early 2018 with ‘Coping’ on constant repeat. It’s a masterpiece that we need everyone to turn on as they’re reading this, to experience in real-time, it’s genius!

Almost Famous

Truly an underrated bop, it’s so clear to us in this song, why a masterful songwriter like Taylor Swift was so taken with FRANKIE; she’s equally as masterful with her pen. The lyrics to this track just hit. Being almost good enough at something is gut-wrenching. You feel like you can see the finish line and see yourself reaching that goal, but you always fall short and are stuck with that almost title. It’s another of those tracks we can’t get enough of, with these deep lyrics wrapped up in a bubblegum pop track that we just want to dance to.

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Paper Doll

This song is a complete smash. It’s a self-confidence bomb that will make you feel the baddest in the room, even on your worst day. It’s all about loving yourself no matter how you look, and not trying to please anyone because you aren’t a ‘Paper Doll’. We really do need so much more of this message in mainstream pop music, with how negative media can be when it comes to body positivity. FRANKIE made us lifelong fans with this track.

We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite FRANKIE song? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!


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