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Lauran Hibberd Shares Lockdown Themed ‘How Am I Still Alive?’ Music Video With Lydia Night

Lauran Hibberd Shares Lockdown Themed ‘How Am I Still Alive?’ Music Video With Lydia Night

UK Slacker-pop sensation, Lauran Hibberd shares a lockdown themed video for ‘How Am I Still Alive’ featuring The Regrettes‘ front-woman, Lydia Night.

The Isle of Wight artist recently released the rock anthem ‘How Am I still Alive?’ with Lydia Night and the two powerful women stole our hearts! Putting both Lauran and Lydia on the same record has changed our lives for the better. Their voices work together so beautifully and they are both such inspiring icons.

The music video paired along with ‘How Am I Still Alive?’ shows Lauran at home in lockdown singing to her fridge (which we find ourselves doing quite a lot) and stylishly lounging around her house. We just want to know how she still looks so cool!

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The music video also shows Lydia looking cool as ever all the way in LA, dancing around her house and singing to her fridge also. Between the comedic clips of the two artists singing around their homes, there are also animated clips showing the two girls together.

The Creation Behind Lauran Hibberd’s Amazing Music Video

The record ‘How Am I Still Alive?’ was produced by Suzy Shinny’s who has worked with legendary bands and artists such as WeezerPanic! At The DiscoFall Out Boy and Dua Lipa. With Lauran added to the list, it really is a list of icons.

“The video is a collection of (lockdown available) ideas. A transatlantic home video with animation seemed to be the only way we could get Lydia and I side-by-side. It’s based on documenting your every sleepless move (in the home video footage), whilst having your maddest thoughts and dreams (in the animation). I think it summarises how weird it is to live in a shutdown world right now and where our minds go throughout.”

Lauran Hibberd about ‘How Am I Still Alive’

Lauran also announced her biggest UK headline tour to date this autumn! It will be the best post-COVID celebration ever, you can buy tickets here.

As well as the tour announcement, Lauran also gave details about her new EP Goober, produced by Suzy Shinn too – whew, we already know this EP will be incredible.

Everything We Know About Goober

Goober follows her debut EP, Everything is Dogs, which is the best EP title ever, with classic tracks such as ‘Hoochie’ and ‘Shark Week.’ We absolutely love her debut EP so we know that the next EP will be amazing.

With Goober‘s release on July 30th, we’re sure that the empowering tracks will be the best soundtrack for our hot girl summer. The EP includes ‘How Am I Still Alive?’ and the pop-rock belter ‘Boy Bye’ which was released late last year. This is along with new unheard songs like ‘Crush’ and ‘You Never Looked So Cool’ and we are so ready.

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If you’re as excited as us, you can pre-order Goober on a pretty green vinyl, as well as an array of the coolest merchandise ever. If you’ve ever wished you could have a cushion with cabbage and the queen herself, Lauran Hibberd, on – then you’re in luck.

What song are you most excited to hear? Will you be attending Lauran’s tour? Comment down below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

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Featured Image Source: Fraser Taylor

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