Nothing Is As Good Kat Cunning’s ‘Could Be Good’

Nothing Is As Good Kat Cunning’s ‘Could Be Good’

We’ll be honest with you, it took a while to even figure out what we were going to say about Kat Cunning’s ‘Could Be Good’. Let’s start with: that’s the kind of relationship we should all want to be in one day. And it all sounds oh so perfect in Kat’s powerful voice.

The sweetness we all love

Kat Cunning is a genius. We know that. They’re acting, singing, and dancing through life and killing it every single time to prove it. Be it on Netflix‘s Trinkets as Sabine, or on Spotify releasing hit after hit, it’s always pure perfection! And ‘Could Be Good’ is no exception to that. It sounds like a love letter we wish we knew how to write.

Far from the idealized romance so many have talked about in the past, ‘Could Be Good’ focuses on all the small things that make a relationship happy. The first two verses might be our favorites in the entire song, to be honest. “You like dumb TV like I do/You think freckles and sweats are cute”, seriously, what better way to start listing the best things about a partner? Like, if you can’t laugh at dumb TV shows and wear comfy clothes around them, they’re not the one, just saying.

The two sides of a new relationship

Yes, this is a love song, but it’s a song about finding love after both parties have been hurt before but choosing to give themselves a chance anyway. The chorus of the song is where we see it the most. “Take it slowly/Get to know me/Won’t say I’m falling but I could/’Cause who knows/It could be good”.

And if you want to get really into the tiny details, even the vocals reflect this attitude. They sing like we talk when we’re not sure about something. Little pauses occur throughout the song, almost like it’s supposed to feel like Kat is thinking before actually saying what they feel through the lyrics.

Watch the music video for ‘Could Be Good’ below!

Kat asked their followers what they thought of a little sneak peek of the song on Instagram a couple of days ago, now we’re asking you, did you like it? Are you listening to it on repeat like we are? Tell us in the comments or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

You can listen to all of Kat Cunning’s incredible music here. And if you want more music content, come over here.


Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Lava Records

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