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‘She Calls Me Daddy’ – As She Should, KiNG MALA!

‘She Calls Me Daddy’ – As She Should, KiNG MALA!

We’re turning up the pride with our LGBTQIAP+ siblings today; with the newest track, ‘She Calls Me Daddy,’ from alt-soul LA-based artist KiNG MALA. The musical vibes here are perfection, but ‘She Calls Me Daddy’ is so much more than that; with KiNG MALA putting pen to paper, to “normalize queer relationships and empower womxn and non-binary folks, and make them feel badass”… Well KiNG MALA, mission accomplished – with the diversity of team members here at THP, this song makes us feel pretty badass! We love it!

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KiNG MALA, aka Areli Castro, speaks her mind on her experiences of the truth of being in a queer relationship – expectant men believing they can steal your partner! ‘She Calls Me Daddy’ is a spark of reclaimed sexuality and female empowerment, told unapologetically through songwriting to put those men in their place. “You try to linger, but she’s already on her way to mine.” Public service announcement… Queer womxn are not a challenge to be conquered. KiNG MALA serves that reminder with power, lust, and all-around badass femininity, and we are so here for it.


“she calls me daddy” is out now!! first official listen in my car is always crazy 🥺❤️ luv uuuuuu ##fyp ##newmusic ##music ##outnow

♬ she calls me daddy – KiNG MALA

The El-Paso-born musician experiments with bringing in typically masculine tropes, from her music to her visuals, and even, her name! It’s King, not Queen, thank you. She is KiNG MALA, which in Spanish, roughly translates to King Bad B*tch. Oh come on, how can we not stan a self-confessed pasta-loving dork, who is validating queer experiences, all while calling herself KiNG MALA (Bad B*tch)? That, guys, gals, and non-binary pals, is the mood we’ve been looking for!

“I write music that makes me feel like I can take over the world, but actually I’m just a huge dork that worries a lot and makes pasta to feel better.”

KiNG MALA’s Spotify Bio

‘She Calls Me Daddy’ follows on from KiNG MALA’s GEMiNi EP, released in December 2020, and stylistically, it celebrates the playful simplicity of alt-soul. An easy-going soulful bassline, with a trippy melody and stabbing synths, hangs a balanced mirror, to the darker lyrical storytelling. The track makes social noise with therapeutic validation for so many LGBTQIAP+ people; it is clever, witty, and, screams of the character of a strong queer woman, musically telling these men, to back up, and we absolutely love it here at The Honey POP!

“It might be a little superficial, she plays with the boys, but she comes home to me.
Little f*cked up but I think it’s official, ’cause she might be your girl, but she’s calling me Daddy.”

KiNG MALA about’She Calls Me Daddy’

You can stream ‘She Calls Me Daddy’ here right now, and we highly advise you to do that! Right now! Go on… We’ll wait.

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