The Snuts Invite You To ‘Glasgow’

The Snuts Invite You To ‘Glasgow’

The Louies may have discovered their new favorite band. Championed by Louis Tomlinson, who recommended their debut album earlier this week, The Snuts show a little more of their beloved Scotland on the new single taken from their debut album W.L. Discover ‘Glasgow’ in some epic cinematography. Explore the city we all want to visit when we’ll be allowed to travel again!

Living The Dream!

The Snuts score records lately. From their working-class teenage years to becoming one of the hottest talks in town, they are the unsung heroes of this generation. Can you believe a guitar indie band goes head to head with a famous pop star? Yes, they do! They became the first Scottish band to score a number one album on the Official Chart in the UK in 14 years since their compatriots, The View, in 2007. Will they surpass Demi Lovato? The fight is so tight! If so, their road to stardom is only beginning!

The Snuts
Image Source: Gaz Williamson

Like A Tourist

You were probably too young to remember that ‘Get Back’ Beatles’ video, right? Maybe your folks introduced you to them? Is a band playing on a rooftop, loud and with lots of love to their fans intriguing to you? The Scottish gang is the new voice of the youngsters! The Snuts strums their guitars through the rays of sunshine, bringing a delightful cinematographic aesthetic. The guys send all their love to the vibrant cultural scene (wink to Glasgow’s Barrowlands nightclub and the beautiful graffiti on the wall) through Scotland’s largest city.

Image source: TENOR gif

The experience is stunning! Directed by Forest of Black, who previously filmed Down The River Thames Livestream from Liam Gallagher and Foals’ ‘On The Luna’ video, we really feel like a part of it. From daylight to nighttime, explore the amazing architecture and wander around the busy streets and skyscrapers like you were there. Open your eyes, and enjoy the new ‘Glasgow’ visuals here.

Want to feel the good vibes? The Snuts are embarking on a UK tour later this year. Grab your ticket here before they’re all gone! You can also get some special treats here, the band recently recorded their Stirling Castle set, and you can buy it with the bundle of your choice.

Don’t be shy, tell us what you think about the video or the album. You can hit us up on Twitter @thehoneypop, Facebook or Instagram.

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Featured image source: Colin Fisher

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