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We Got Your California Soundscape With Marie Naffah’s New EP Golden State

We Got Your California Soundscape With Marie Naffah’s New EP Golden State

London-based singer Marie Naffah is out with a new EP, Golden State, and we just had to get our hands on it! Road trips and music are sort of our thing here, and we carefully curate playlists we can listen to on the road, so, naturally, an EP that combines our two loves in one was intriguing. And we’re happy to report- it did not disappoint!

Golden State Artwork, Image Source: Frictionless Music

Throughout four songs, the EP intertwines all the sights, sounds, and feelings Marie experienced on what she called a “life-changing” trip to the Golden West Coast. Recorded by Neil Comber, Matt Colton, and Simon Bryrt- Golden State also explores a slew of genres from a fusion of chill-hop and jazz, pulsing indie-pop, an atmospheric groove, and lavish soul. 

Golden State is truly an experience, perfect to accompany you on your journey to California as you create your own memories. If you still haven’t made the trek but are forever curious about the iconic state, this EP is your soundscape. So, you can just put on those headphones, shut your eyes, and let the stories that Marie Naffah tells wash over you. For now, let us at The Honey Pop, be your road trip buddy as we discover Golden State together!

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‘The Cage’

Right away, we are bopping our heads along to this one with that driving beat in the drums, funky bassline, and those rhythmic handclaps! We’re calling it already, ‘The Cage’ is our THP certified road-tripping bop, especially as Marie is telling us to just “drive on, love” and “Roll your windows down to full.” We love the whole bright, atmospheric vibe of this opening track, as Marie cleverly odes to the scenic and bustling California highways and how they have become a metaphor for both freedom and release. 


This one is Marie’s love song to the Golden State backed by a chill-hop, jazz rhythm that gave us goosebumps! Without openly expressing it, she relies on the feeling and describing what the state means to her with those beautiful, picturesque metaphors. It’s clear from the lyrics in a form of a list of what “California is” that the state is much more than a place to her and offers things that her home in London cannot.


That bass! Marie must know how much we adore bass because it was the first thing we noticed in ‘Wasteland’- other than those sunny vocal harmonies and that indie-pop pulse that was pounding from our speakers! Are we surprised how much we adore Marie’s lyricism based on the previous songs on Golden State? We can visualize singing our lungs out with these catchy lines with her on our road trip! We dare you not to tell her otherwise when she asks, “Am I everything you want?” because, girl, you are just the thing we needed in ‘Wasteland.’ Legendary.

‘Cold Water’

Golden State dwindles to a close with this refreshing tune. We’re sipping on the impressive vocal abilities that Marie possesses in ‘Cold Water.’ Even though through the EP’s entirety, she never faltered and severed up luscious runs from the opening measure of Golden State, ‘Cold Water’ highlights it the best. She demonstrates her raw power and control and yet is still able to exude a sweetness. She’s making us weak at the knees, and when she says “honey, come dream with me,” we are so here for it! So, when you have reached your destination, hopefully after hopping on the road to California, put ‘Cold Water’ on, and drink it all in.

You can stream/save your copy of Golden State here!

What was your favorite moment off of the EP? Do you think it represents the Californian soundscape? Let’s keep the conversation going by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP or commenting below! Want the daily drip? Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the sweetest pop culture news!

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Featured Image Source: Chris Driver

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