Charlotte Cardin Drops Her Tears On ‘Sad Girl’

Charlotte Cardin Drops Her Tears On ‘Sad Girl’

She may not have won the final straw at La Voix in Quebec in 2013, but Charlotte Cardin won our hearts. She revealed a new track from her upcoming album Phoenix this week. Let’s be honest, ‘Sad Girl’ is not about crying a river and wallowing in self-pity; it’s more significant. Let’s keep our heads up and have a little revenge!

Charmed From The Beginning

Charlotte Cardin started as a model in her young career, then she made Youtube covers of our fave Canadian acts and beyond. From covering Justin Bieber to Avril Lavigne and sharing the love of French classics like Serge Gainsbourg, she was destined for a brilliant music career. She then went until the final step at La Voix, interpreting with confidence ‘J’attends.’ Let’s go back in time and enjoy her bewitching vocals.

Let’s Rebound!

We get it, a breakup is really hurtful.

I’m new at being all alone
And crying all the time

Charlotte Cardin spits to her ex in the chorus of ‘Sad Girl.’ Relationships ending can be inspiring though, tell that to Julia Michaels! The Montreal singer-songwriter follows the path, and she “gotta tell you all my best song, I wrote the week you left/I got an album from this fucking mess,” with her smooth and mellow voice. Sweet revenge always wins!

Strong or Delicate?

You’ll know Charlotte Cardin is going to be a big star when you see the stunning visuals directed by Norman Wong. Norman Wong worked with Drake and Halsey’s likes in the past and offered us Charlotte Cardin, in a simple, emotional drought. The poetic rain is falling on Charlotte, fighting against the demons of love. In all the darkness, there is a little glimpse of light, raw but delicate. We can’t get enough of the cinematic beats, reminiscent of the power of the French swinging sixties with a modern pop twist. Watch the video of ‘Sad Girl now!

Sounds lovely, don’t you think? Get your copy of ‘Sad Girl’ here.

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Featured image source: courtesy of Atlantic Records

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