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Queen The Greatest Episode 4 Got Us Thinking About Queen’s International History

Queen The Greatest Episode 4 Got Us Thinking About Queen’s International History

Queen The Greatest

It’s 1974. Queen is growing more and more in popularity worldwide thanks to the immense success of their single ‘Killer Queen.’ And right after it comes the album Sheer Heart Attack, which is equally successful and gets them to start touring overseas more than they already had. And that’s where this week’s episode of Queen The Greatest begins: the band’s shows in Finland. But we’ll let the episode tell you that story.

What we do want to talk about in this article is some other iconic international performances by the greatest rock band ever. And trust us, there were many of them. So let’s get into it!

Queen Takes The US

It’s no secret that for a non-American band, touring the US is a huge deal to this day. And back in 1974 was not only the first year they went to Finland. It was also the first time Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor, and John Deacon played for American crowds. Starting with a show in Denver on April 16. And since then, they proceeded to keep going back multiple times.

Latin America Loves Queen

1981 will go down in history as the year Brazilian and Argentinian Queen fans won! You thought the first time they ever set foot in South America was on Rock in Rio in 1985? No, that was just their first time in Rio! The quartet’s first time in Latin America was actually four years earlier, with a few shows in Argentina and two shows in the Brazilian city of São Paulo (they wanted to do more shows in Brazil, but that wasn’t possible for reasons outside their control). This quick passage through Latin America is still remembered today as one of the band’s best shows. And it established the song ‘Love Of My Life’ as their most tremendous success in those two countries.

Rock in Rio 1985 (and 2015)

Now we’ll talk about Rock In Rio. Queen was one of the biggest names on the festival’s first edition in 1985, which is where the iconic moment of the largest paying crowd of their career (up to that point) singing back to them. Can you guess the song the crowd sang the loudest? If you said ‘Love Of My Life,’ you are correct! And 30 years later, Roger Taylor and Brian May once again got up on that stage, this time joined by Adam Lambert (and Freddie Mercury himself via a screen on the back of the stage).

The Fire Fight Australia Concert

You may remember this moment as “one of the last big concerts we saw before everything went wrong in 2020”. The concert had the goal of raising money to, as the name suggests, fight the bushfires that were affecting communities across the country. And it deserves to be remembered forever just for how great it was. And among the stellar lineup was Queen + Adam Lambert. Fifty years of performing, and they’re still one of the most extraordinary acts to see on a stage. Absolute rock legends!

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