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Liam Payne Makes Historic Performance at BAFTAs

Liam Payne Makes Historic Performance at BAFTAs

Music and technology, can they fit together? Is this possible? Of course! There’s always a way to innovate, especially in these times, where people can’t perform in front of their fans. Liam Payne proved just that, as he made a historic debut at the BAFTA Awards, performing as himself, and, as an avatar in Augmented Reality!

An Innovative Thinker

The Wolverhampton singer-songwriter was one of the first artists to make these partnerships and step into virtual and augmented reality, connecting with his fans in ways we could only dream of. Who remembers the first 360-degree virtual reality show Liam did with Melody VR back in 2018? What about the Veeps live shows? It was the start of many innovative projects. A week ago, Liam Payne announced through Twitter and Instagram that he would be performing at the 2021 BAFTAs, but with a twist. We, the fans, thought Liam was on a well-deserved break so it took us by surprise. After all, it’s been a while since his appearance on a movie soundtrack (the multiplatinum ‘For You’ with Rita Ora, for Fifty Shades Freed).

Image source: Liam Payne Instagram

What A Pre-Show!

Liam Payne teamed up with the technology mogul EE, who had developed a special app, called The Round, for the occasion. Available only in the UK, this news caused a frenzy in the large community of international Liam fans. Hopefully, this is one of many projects to come, and we can’t wait to see how this taste of live AR, will evolve. The lucky ones who saw the pre-show had quite an experience!

Appearing in a turquoise suit, Liam had been cartoonized, with every tiny detail reflected in real-time AR, from his now-signature lockdown look, the long prince hair, to his rose hand tattoo! Everything was so on point! The level of realism was just WOW! Liam on your kitchen counter? Check! Dancing in your living room or your backyard? Check! Singing ‘Midnight’ with his wide vocal range, we couldn’t help but smile!

Image source: BAFTA/REX

A Stunning Opener

Who would have believed this little sixteen-year-old from the 2010 X-Factor season would have kicked off the most important British movie awards ceremonies, eleven years after! Never give up and always believe in your dreams, he often said to his fans. The acclaimed singer took to the actual (Not AR) BAFTAs stage in a grey suit, crooning ‘Midnight’, his co-hit with Alesso. In the background, visuals of the award nominees floated by. Movies are magical and are great for the soul, just like a comforting song.

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The performance was simple, stripped back, with not too many pyrotechnical effects, and we felt so proud, as we always are of Liam. His vocals were smooth as ever, building to a crescendo, in true Liam trademark style and it was so beautiful. A second Liam on stage? Hell yes indeed! In the middle of the performance, they added a holographic version of the singer too, both singing heavenly side to side.

Future Plans

If that’s not enough, our Payno, as we love to call him, is such a tease; that he hopped over to an Instagram Live, ahead of the performance, and told us that something is in the works! While Liam expressed he is working on music, he also chatted to fans about how tricky he has found songwriting on Zoom. Liam assured fans he can’t wait to get in a room and continue putting pen to paper, as soon as possible! We absolutely cannot wait for LP2 to get here!

Very excitingly, he also revealed, without many details, that he’s currently working with some friends, who One Direction worked with many years ago, on a new song for a movie soundtrack. Any bets? For now, all he asked of his loyal fans, was to trend the hashtag #tinysnakes, in honor of his AR sensor shoes, which he compared to tiny snakes while giggling. And yes, of course, it trended, alongside #LiamMakingHistory.

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Are you excited about the news? What part of your house did Liam perform at? Kitchen counter? Bathroom? Tell us in the comments, or pop over to Twitter @thehoneypop, Facebook and Instagram.


Featured image source: BAFTA/Rex

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