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Maggie Lindemann Performed ‘PARANOIA’ Live At The Roxy And We Had A Front Row Seat

Maggie Lindemann Performed ‘PARANOIA’ Live At The Roxy And We Had A Front Row Seat

One thing we can all agree on is that Maggie Lindemann is a complete and total badass. She has made a name for herself as one of the fastest rising female rock-pop punk stars. Every song she puts out further rejuvenates a genre of incredibly powerful females in this genre that seemed to have gone away for a bit.

Maggie Lindemann has been putting on live shows over the last few days with the help of NoCap and we were lucky enough to catch one! We sang along and cried during ‘Love Songs’ right along with all of you guys! Maggie Lindemann is truly the real deal and seeing her live will solidify that for any doubter.

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Highlights From The Show
Image Source: Maggie Lindemann via Instagram

Firstly let us make it clear that the entire set was beyond stellar. There wasn’t a single filler on the setlist. Maggie Lindemann as always was a god damn Rockstar. She is a modern-day pop-punk queen who we simply can’t get enough of.

Maggie Lindemann spent a little time expressing how much she wanted this show to be in person and girl, same! She expressed wanting to hug us and was just so grateful people were choosing to spend this time watching her perform her music. She’s as humble as she is talented.

Right off the bat, we got to see Maggie Lindemann finally joined by siiickbrain performing ‘GASLIGHT!’ and the whole time we just kept thinking of how badass these two are! ‘Scissorhands’ was our favorite track on PARANOIA so hearing it in this setting was beyond perfect. And her vocals were just on fire that whole song.

‘Crash and Burn’ was the track where we just couldn’t stop picturing Maggie Lindemann being the frontwoman of a pop-punk group. She’s such a presence on stage and so commanding.

Image Source: Maggie Lindemann via Instagram

‘Loner’ is a beyond relatable song and marked Maggie’s outfit change into a white tank and plaid skirt, which we need the link to ASAP! Just when we thought our hearts couldn’t be fuller, Maggie Lindemann performed ‘Love Songs’ while giving a shout-out to her boyfriend who was in the audience and it couldn’t have been sweeter. The song itself was the softest moment during the show and you could just tell how much love exists in those lyrics. ‘Different’ is one of those tracks that has grown so much on us and become such a stand out that we were really looking forward to hearing and it didn’t at all disappoint! It gave us early 2000’s Avril vibes for sure.

Vocally we have to give the strongest moments to these last two tracks! We were in awe the entire time! ‘It’s Not Your Fault’ was a performance that everyone should take note of. And then of course we have to talk about that finale! When we realized she was doing a cover of ‘La La Land’ we screamed a little. And of course, Maggie Lindemann crushed that Demi Lovato cover.

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What’s Next For Maggie?

If you were watching along with us you might have caught the exciting news Maggie Lindemann dropped! She was talking about how she hopes to get to play this EP live soon, but if not, she’ll have an album out soon! We are a little too excited at the thought of a full-length Maggie Lindemann project. And we can’t wait to see what artistic direction she takes with this new project and can only hope we get even more of the pop-punk vibes from it.

We would love to hear from you! If you attended Maggie’s live show what did you think of it? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and on Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Maggie Lindemann via Instagram

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