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SHAED Gives Us A Glimpse Of Japan In ‘Osaka’

SHAED Gives Us A Glimpse Of Japan In ‘Osaka’

The countdown is on until SHAED’s new album High Dive, coming May 14th. We can’t help but jump around, eager to discover the full record! Sit tight, we have a little surprise for you! The band unveiled another part of the album with the new single ‘Osaka’ this week!

Experience A New World!

SHAED’s ‘Osaka’ approaches artistry and musicality in a way that touches our feelings and dreams. When bands embark on tours abroad, it often serves as future musical inspiration, and that’s exactly what happened with SHAED; which gives us an immersive musical experience for our senses. The band explains this unique and fun experience, and, of course, they make us wish we could travel and find some new treasures of the world!

We spent two glorious weeks hopping around the island and playing massive festivals in Tokyo and Osaka. We fell in love with the culture, landscape, food, and people, and had the best time of our lives. We left Japan with a confidence we never knew existed within ourselves. ‘Osaka’ is an expression of that feeling.


Image Source: Jared Zhaga

Take Time For Yourself!

In Osaka, there’s a mantra. Never lose control,” starts the latest single, delivered by Chelsea Lee in her beautifully electrifying voice. We all sometimes wish we could let go. “Will the stars align again? I can tell you how the story ends,” she continues with her crystalline vocals. We can’t control many things in our lives. When you need a break; relax and meditate, even when the stresses of fast-paced city living can take us over, we can always pause. Admire the beauty around you!

Image Source: Puks Of Kmotion Designs

Wave Into Another Culture’s Scenery!

SHAED still owns that synthetic pop, which makes their songs wave into complex melodies and intricate harmonies. On ‘Osaka’ we hear the unique instruments of Japan. Have you ever heard of Koto’s or Sanshin’s? Using string instruments brings a new dimension to the music, and even made electronically, we can enjoy these familiar Japanese sounds, mixed with modern pop-soul.

In the visuals provided by Puks Of Kmotion Designs, we learn more about the ‘Osaka’ culture. SHAED is personified as animals, an aspect very important in the country’s spirituality, where every creature has its value, as part of the circle of life, and also as a representation of human personality traits. We can’t help but fawn over the cuteness of the animated characters who wander into a beautiful forest of bonsai, colorful temples, and dreamy architecture. Who doesn’t wanna hug that fluffy panda? Just watch the video below, and your day will become instantly happier!

SHAED’s ‘Osaka’ is the follow-up to ‘Part-Time Psycho’ and the upcoming album High Dive will include these, and some of our other favorite SHAED releases! Who wants to jump on a ‘Trampoline’ and float like the Washington trio and Zayn? Or maybe you’d prefer the visual and musical storytelling of ‘Once Upon A Time’? With over two billion streams of their incredible work, worldwide, we already know High Dive will be a complete bop!

Also, just a quick reminder that you can preorder High Dive and get your hands on its amazing merchandise bundles here, all while supporting an incredible cause that helps others! A portion of the proceeds from album and merch sales will go to Teen Line, who provide vital emotional support to young people.

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Featured image source: Jared Zhaga

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