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Two Thumbs Up for The Wrecks’ New ‘Static’ Music Video

Two Thumbs Up for The Wrecks’ New ‘Static’ Music Video

That’s two well-dressed thumbs up for The Wrecks‘ new ‘Static’ music video! Okay, maybe a few more thumbs than two. Like… an entire 4-piece band, a leading love interest, and a chorus of backup singers’ worth of thumbs. Listen, in terms of quarantine-restricted artwork – this was well-worth the glue gun burns, cardboard-box set design, and literal 1,000 hours of creative labor required to pull it off!


But first… a heartbreaking disclaimer!

Image Credit: The Wrecks via YouTube

“Toward the end of 2020, we were all struggling financially, as was the majority of the nation. When presented with a $5,000 budget for a music video, we saw rent and groceries paid for. But that meant we’d have to deliver a music video with what little money was left,” says frontman Nick Anderson.

“I thought a finger puppet video would be a fun, cheap, quick idea. Little did I know, it would totally consume my time and test my patience for 3 months. This video took almost 1,000 hours to complete. There were many times while working on this video where I wondered why the hell we didn’t just give the money to a director with nice cameras and lights. Instead, there we sat, fingers red and peeling from hot glue, working countless hours to make this idea come to life.”

Alright, no more thumb-twiddling – let’s see this time-sucking masterpiece!

And here we are, still floating in teddy-bear space heaven (by the way Nick, if that’s a Teddy Fresh reference – it’s been caught). The Wrecks‘ irrefutable attention to detail makes the video so irresistibly charming – honestly, the little lead character’s little chain necklaces? The little window flipping from day to night?! The little dramatic finger-actors on their little glowing screens?!

Aside from the strong creative pulse of this video… isn’t the song, like, also a full-on banger?! ‘Static’ is the standout title track from their latest EP, just released at the end of 2020. They also released their debut LP last year, entitled Infinitely Ordinary. The project’s lead single ‘Freaking Out’ actually gained quite a bit of traction, charting on SiriusXM’s Alt Nation’s Alt 18 for twenty-three weeks!

So that’s another DIY Music Video Stone for their DIY Music Video Gauntlet!

Honestly, despite the fact that this video has a cast made of fingers and a strong DIY essence, it isn’t off-brand for The Wrecks. Having garnered nearly 2 million views on their genuine and lovably-scrappy music video for ‘Fvck Somebody’, they’ve built their band’s identity on a platform made of popsicle sticks and chewing gum – but, like, a lot of it, so it’ll last.

When clicking on a new video, fans expect to flex their own imaginations just as much as Nick Anderson, Nick Schmidt, Aaron Kelley, and Billy Nally do. This isn’t even the first time that The Wrecks‘ music videos have been squeezed by the grips of quarantine! Here’s another music video from October 2020 with that very same thematic demeanor of “Ok, so yeah, a pandemic. And….?“.

Go ahead, try to make sense of this one. It’s the explosion you can’t look away from. It’s an innovative mix of over-excitement and laid-back leisure. You know what, let’s go ahead and coin the concept as “wreckless” right now, and see if that catches on.

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So, do you have two thumbs up for The Wrecks‘ new ‘Static’ music video? Or rather, maybe you’ve got some other select fingers you’d use to describe it? Either way – is ‘Static’ still stuck in your head, too? Let us know in the comment section below or tweet us @thehoneypop!


Featured Image Source: ‘The Wrecks – Static (Official Video)’ via YouTube

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