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Introducing Bipolar Pop with ‘Bad Things’ by MOA

Introducing Bipolar Pop with ‘Bad Things’ by MOA

**The following article mentions TOPICS of Bipolar Disorder and Manic Episodes, which some readers may find triggering. Your discretion is advised.**

Get To Know MOA

Self-appointed ‘Sertraline Queen’ MOA brings us through the highs and lows of living with Bipolar Disorder in her second single, ‘Bad Things,’ and it’s provocatively honest, important, and close to home. Stream ‘Bad Things’ by MOA now and show your support!

Swedish-born and London-based singer-songwriter MOA brings together the enchantment of bubblegum pop, with the gritty steel of punk, to run headfirst at the issue’s life too often, throws at us. From female empowerment to mental health, MOA doesn’t tip-toe around life and songwriting. She stomps through it with the determination and honesty that can only come from personal experience.

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We’re thinking good things, about ‘Bad Things’

‘Bad Things’ is MOA’s second single, following the release of ‘Reload’ in August 2020. ‘Bad Things’ is serving up alt-pop with authentic lyrics, which may be a new genre of alternative music, which MOA herself has labeled, Bipolar Pop! Here at THP HQ, we are so here from a music genre that stands for heavy, anthemic melodies, with lyrics that stare mental health stigma in the face. ‘Bad Things’ depicts the unfolding of a manic episode, the exhilarating yet terrifying reality of mania, and the grasp that Bipolar Disorder can have to pull you in. It’s a story of being consumed by the urges that fight against your stillness and logic. You can check out ‘Bad Things’ right here, right now!

“When the light’s gone I can’t trust myself. When the sun’s down, become someone else.”

‘Bad Things’ by MOA

Image Source: Instagram @kuurakuu

‘Bad Things’ is a visual, fearless statement about living with a stigmatized condition. Through her own experiences of complex mental health struggles, with soaring highs and crushing lows, MOA has brought to life a line of determined alt-pop stories, which so many of us can relate to. And this is just number two! We can’t wait for what is to come! The track is heavy, and it demands that heaviness. ‘Bad Things’ has that right! Melodically, it slaps so hard from the very first bar, and the thick distorted guitar synths of the verses add to the dark depth of this track. MOA’s approach to this track and style is ferociously unapologetic.

“Now the noise is just too much, it’s digging into my skin and, I’m on the floor, but she wants more.”

‘Bad Things’ by MOA

Mental Health Conversations Through Music

We’re so impressed by MOA, and her songwriting style and ability have blown us away! We’re calling this Swedish alt-pop Queen our one-to-watch, as her footprint on both the industry and mental health awareness through music continues to grow. We can’t wait for the day that songs like ‘Bad Things’ don’t come with shock or stigma. But thanks to artists like MOA, who stand alongside their industry colleagues, including Demi LovatoNoah Cyrus, and Ashton Irwin, to inspire conversations about mental health through music; and also, to fans like you who support those artists, together, we’re all taking a step closer to that day.

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Talking about mental health is important. If you are struggling, please speak to somebody. Here you can find a list of mental health support helplines across the world.

Featured Image Credit: Alicja Romejko

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