Of Monsters And Men Are True Destroyers

Of Monsters And Men Are True Destroyers

Stop your ‘Little Talks’ and listen to us at THP headquarters. In love with dark-indie rock? We’ve got the song that is the right fit for you. Icelandic heartthrobs Of Monsters And Men are back with a shiny dramatic single, ‘Destroyer.’

The Cinematography Of A Band

Perhaps, you may have heard their name before. Or seen them if you are a hardcore stan of Game Of Thrones. Indeed, Of Monsters And Men starred briefly in some episodes. They also participated in many soundtracks, including The Hunger Games. They have now released the sad tones-infused, ‘Destroyer,’ which later appeared during an emotive and central scenery in the series Manifest. With an impressive catalog, they could easily make the scenario of their own film.

Image source: courtesy of Republic Records

Soft Twists Turns Epic

Following the success of their Post Malone ‘Circles’ cover on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, a surreal performance at The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, and billions of streams, Of Monsters And Men strikes back with ‘Destroyer.’ Humming softly at the start, the song grows in epic chaos involving strings and anthemic guitar riffs. “I want to be the king of my body and mind/Gravity let me go” kicks it, knowing that no matter what happens we should be the master of our lives.

Image source: TENOR GIFS

Floating Into Gravity

We need to think about ourselves before somebody buries us with bad vibes. A good mantra isn’t it? It’s not always easy. Sometimes, we have to search for help that doesn’t always come. “And it’s taking over/I call everywhere, oh I cry out,” Of Monsters And Men croons in the pre-chorus. Just “feel the warmth of the sun.” Delicate, escaping, floating into gravity describe that song in full. Dream through the musicality, that’s what the group knows how to do best!

Stream wherever you are for an epic journey. Just click here! Prefer a lyric video to sing along to? No problem, watch it below.

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Want to cry more? We may have the music mood for you here.


Featured image source: courtesy of Republic Records

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