Olivia Lunny’s ‘Sad to See You Happy’ is the Perfect Addition to Our Break Up Playlist

Olivia Lunny’s ‘Sad to See You Happy’ is the Perfect Addition to Our Break Up Playlist

Olivia Lunny just released the first single for her debut album, ‘Sad to See You Happy,’ and the nostalgic and melodious tune is everything we needed to add to our break-up playlist.

Photo of Olivia Lunny
Source: via Olivia Lunny’s official Twitter account (@OliviaLunny)

‘Sad To See You Happy’

At first listen, this song might seem way happier than it actually is, with the peppy guitar strokes and the chill and fun vibe it gives off. However, the lyrics are much darker than what the melody gives off. The song talks about the jealousy and sadness one feels when seeing an ex with someone new. Overall, the song plays with the contradiction of loving someone and being sad over their happiness, and Olivia’s sweet voice makes the song come together, giving us a perfect break-up song. The music video expresses the feeling of the song very well, with a colorful aesthetic clashing with the macabre vibe.

While this song is so special and fresh, it makes it the perfect addition to a break-up playlist, and these are some of our favorite songs that complement Olivia’s song and message.

5 Seconds Of Summer – ‘Amnesia’ (2014)

Also out of their debut album, ‘Amnesia’ by 5 Seconds Of Summer is still to this day the perfect break-up song. The acoustic guitar, the relatable lyrics, the feeling of abandonment and being replaced… It doesn’t get more nostalgic than ‘Amnesia.’

Rosé – ‘Gone’ (2021)

A much newer song is Rosé‘s ‘Gone,’ the b-side of her debut single album, R. ‘Gone’ is a simple pop song influenced by indie that is all about her vocals and an addicting and soothing guitar. It’s nothing but feelings and heartbreak, and it’s beautiful.

Demi Lovato – ‘Stone Cold’ (2015)

‘Stone Cold’ is probably one of the most impressive songs Demi Lovato has ever released. It’s not only the vocals, but also how she conveyed the feelings of seeing an ex with someone else and trying to be happy for them. It’s like the other side of the coin from Olivia Lunny’s ‘Sad to See You Happy,’ but they both come from the same place.

Olivia Rodrigo – ‘drivers license’ (2021)

And would it be a playlist of breakup songs without one of the most iconic songs of 2021? It’s sad, it’s raw, and no wonder it was a hit. Olivia Rodrigo‘s ‘drivers license‘ conveys the feeling of sadness and despair after a break-up perfectly, and fits perfectly with the chiller more vibey song that is Olivia Lunny’s ‘Sad to See You Happy.’

What’s your go-to song for a break-up? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPOP or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.


Featured image source: via Olivia Lunny’s official Twitter account (@OliviaLunny)

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