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Charlotte Lawrence Keeps Us Fed With New Acoustic EP And Livestream Gig!

Charlotte Lawrence Keeps Us Fed With New Acoustic EP And Livestream Gig!

It’s bold of Charlotte Lawrence to assume we’ve recovered enough from her self-titled EP Charlotte, which dropped just last month (we haven’t, by the way) because she has just dropped an acoustic version, too! As if the original wasn’t emotional enough, American singer-songwriter Charlotte Lawrence is pulling us through our feelings with this latest release, Charlotte Acoustic. Just when you think Charlotte’s incredible music couldn’t get any more moving, along comes Charlotte with an acoustic version that screams, “Sit down, get your tissues out, I’m not done yet!”

Charlotte, by Charlotte, was a hauntingly authentic and hard-hitting yet still feel-good EP. It features seven sublimely written and performed tracks, from feel-good dance bops to ethereal calmness and everything in between! When it dropped in March, we lost our minds here at The Honey POP HQ. You can check out our reaction here! Charlotte Lawrence is now serving us up these incredible tracks with a twist with her eight-track Charlotte Acoustic EP. We’re now going to need eight to ten business days, a very large slab of chocolate, and probably a hug to recover! They are divine in every single way. The acoustic arrangements allow Charlotte’s haunting vocals to shine. We can pick up every vocal crack, every stylistic choice, and every fiber of emotion. It’s the musical equivalent of hearing a pin drop, and, honestly, that’s what her lyrics and voice deserve.

Now then, time for a THP pop-quiz! Have you been paying attention? How many tracks were on the original Charlotte EP? Okay, and how many did we say are on Charlotte Acoustic? That’s right, besties, there’s an extra track on Charlotte Acoustic! 2019’s ‘Navy Blue (Acoustic version)’ is an unexpected addition to the new EP, and we are beside ourselves!

Here’s The Full Track List!

  1. Talk You Down (feat. SYML) [Acoustic]’
  2. ‘You’
  3. ‘Sin x Secret (Acoustic)’
  4. ‘Slow Motion (Johan Lenox Version)’
  5. ‘Cowboys (Acoustic)’
  6. ‘Rx (Acoustic)’
  7. ‘Navy Blue (Acoustic)’
  8. ‘Why Do You Love Me (Acoustic)’

Charlotte Lawrence is celebrated for her impeccable songwriting. She has made massive strides in the industry with her unique blend of dark-pop, modern energy, combined with deeply personal lyrics, and yet, this acoustic EP pushes it even further! Covering essential topics, from Charlotte’s struggles with anxiety to relationship fears and addiction, Charlotte Acoustic brings these messages even closer to home. Charlotte Lawrence herself shared with fans that these acoustic versions mean even more than the originals, and, honestly, same!

Livestream Incoming!

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Do you love Charlotte Lawrence as much as we are? Are you also missing live music as much as we are? Well then, we’ve got the answer for you! Charlotte is performing a Livestream concert on April 15th & 16th (timezone dependent), featuring all of the songs from her self-titled Charlotte EP (and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for an acoustic version being thrown in for good measure!) You can still get your ticket now, but you’d best get a shimmy on. You don’t have long left! Don’t miss the different ticket options to get your hands on merch or even a virtual meet and greet with Charlotte!

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Public service announcement from THP HQ: Yes, we are aware of how many times we say “Charlotte” in this article. But feel free to count it and let us know on Twitter @thehoneypop or by visiting us on Facebook. While you’re there, we want to know your favorite track from Charlotte Acoustic! Are you going to the Livestream? We wanna see your at-home concert set up! Are you a ‘make an effort’ kind of person, or will you be sat in your pants (No judgment, we’re pants, people, too!).


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