Josh Radnor´s New Song Is A Step Closer To His Debut EP!

Josh Radnor´s New Song Is A Step Closer To His Debut EP!

Josh Radnor has released the third single for his upcoming EP One More Then I´ll Let You Go. Without a doubt, this song is proof that Josh Radnor is an amazing songwriter and singer. Wow! This man keeps surprising us!

We all fell in love with Josh Radnor through his many iconic roles on the screen as Ted Mosby in How I Met Your Mother and many others. And now, our ears have been blessed with his musical talent. Josh Radnor started a year ago, posting himself performing some of his songs on YouTube, surprising us with another amazing talent the man has. After hearing his beautiful voice with the guitar, he has captured us and made us fall in love with his music.

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Cause if the world was ending… This would be our jam.

His new single, ‘Apocalyptic Love Song,’ is the third release for Josh Radnor´s upcoming EP debut. And we are obsessed with it! Even though Radnor let us hear it for the first time a year ago on his YouTube channel, we have now gotten a better and beautiful studio version of the track.

The track is a humorous yet beautiful love song, telling the point of view of someone wanting so badly to be with their other half that at the end of the world, they would choose to be with them. The incredible mix of violins and guitars next to Radnor´s voice makes the perfect chemistry in the song, letting you feel every word of it.

One More Then I´ll Let You Go

Are you ready? Cause we are finally getting Josh Radnor´s solo debut EP One More Then I´ll Let You Go this Friday, April 16th! The album will consist of 5 songs that Josh has been preparing for a long time. It will include his previous releases ‘You Feel New’ and ‘The High Road’ next to his new track ‘Apocalyptic Love Song’. It is amazing how this man can do anything!

Pre-order One More Then I´ll Let You Go HERE!

What did you think about Josh Radnor´s new single? Which of the three releases is your favorite? Tell us everything in the comments, and don´t forget to buzz with us on our Twitter @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Josh Radnor via Twitter

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