Loud And Sad Radio With Heartthrob Host Pete Wentz

 Loud And Sad Radio With Heartthrob Host Pete Wentz

Pete Wentz debuts brand new Apple Music Radio Show Loud And Sad Radio.

Not only is Pete Wentz a true emo heartthrob, but he’s so much more. Best known for his badass bassist skills with the band Fall Out Boy, he doesn’t stop there. Musician, lyricist, ongoing entrepreneur, label owner, and most importantly, dad, Pete Wentz, doesn’t stop there. Now, our emo-dream-dad adds radio host to his resume. Loud and Sad Radio premiered April 12th at 4:00 PST on Apple Music Hits. New episodes will drop every Monday.

If you plan on tuning in (we’d recommend it) and you’re wondering what is in store for you, we’re about to give you those steamy details. Loud and Sad Radio will be stacked with a weekly collection of tunes, expressive ideas, fascinating interests, and more! Supplying off-the-wall randomity, the show provides a representation of Pete, including a slew of movies, emo, rap, punk rock, classic rock, footwear, fits, bad jokes, and our personal favorite- dad jokes.

Pulling from the past and including the present, Pete will share songs with a sharp, skilled wit. Looking forward to the gracious guests, soundtracks, and more- we are super stoked on the debut of Loud and Sad Radio.

On the premiere episode, Pete gives the pre-reqs of the show saying:

“You’ve really got to think about this as moments meeting from divergent courses, somewhere in the realm of the TV show Curb Your Enthusiasm meets the movie Drive. And this is what Loud and Sad Radio is… It doesn’t have to be loud and it doesn’t have to be sad, but there’s some things that just have that vibe. Loud and sad is a vibe to me.”

Pete wentz

The debut episode of Loud and Sad Radio included chats about Caddyshack 2, Kim Kardashian’s cameo in ‘Thnks fr the Mmrs,’ Erewhon Merch, Aerosmith’s Armageddon anthem ‘I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing,’ which Batman is best, plus a mix of music from a league of absolute legends. Catch music from The Weeknd, Arctic Monkeys, Kenny Loggins, ParamoreMetallicaLinkin Park, and more. Listen for yourself here and check out the podcast here!

Found your newest favorite radio show?! Other than The Honey Podcast, of course! Let us know what you thought about episode one by giving us a shout on Twitter @TheHoneyPop!

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