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Meet AJ Mitchell: Small Town Grind To One Of Hollywood’s Hottest Up And Comers

Meet AJ Mitchell: Small Town Grind To One Of Hollywood’s Hottest Up And Comers

AJ Mitchell is one of those rising pop stars that leave a lasting impression when you listen to his music. His sultry vocals and the way he tells you a story with just his tone of voice are addicting. His six million+ monthly listeners on Spotify also speak to his talent and that the hype is justified. And that number continues to grow as he blesses his fans with incredible music, like his new single ‘STOP.’

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That being said, before we get into his new music, we think it’s time for you to dive into the world of AJ Mitchell and find out what all the hype is about. So, if you’re ready, it’s time for you to meet the singer-songwriter and fall in love with him and his music. Let’s go!

Just A Small Town Boy

AJ Mitchell
Image Source: ‘Cameras On’ Music Video/ AJ Mitchell Official Twitter

AJ grew in a small town called Belleville in Illinois, about six hours south of Chicago. While it may not seem like much to most people, this town IS AJ’s home. It’s always going to be special to him, and he pays homage to his hometown with his upcoming debut album, Skyview, which is the name of the town’s drive-in theater. It’s where he started writing music, playing the piano, and just learning about who he was, where he wanted his life to go, and what he wanted to be. 

Belleville feels like an old carnival in the middle of nowhere. Honestly, I’m glad I grew up
there, because I learned a lot. It made me who I am. I saw friends get into drugs and gangs, and I
realized this isn’t where I want to be for the rest of my life. I really wanted to escape. Music was my way
to do that. Before school, during school, and after school, I could play piano and write about what I felt.
It was my getaway. Skyview was one of the most influential places, because I would go there every
weekend. It always inspired me to go to my room and write music. The album brings me back home. It’s
important for people to know where I came from. That’s why I’ve got to put Belleville on the map.

AJ Mitchell on his hometown

As far as the music goes, he first emerged on the scene in 2018, and he not only emerged- he blew up like a bomb. He surpassed the 1 billion streams mark within his first three years, and he continues to grow every day and with every release. He’s gotten to collab with some industry greats, including Elle Henderson, Ava MaxSteve Aoki, Mike Dean, and Rich The Kidd. 

Honestly, it’s kind of crazy to even say Mike executive produced my album. It’s a dream come true. It feels full circle, because he did ‘Used To Be.’ He made everything sound coherent and feel like a journey, which is what I wanted. It’s a perfect balance from the synths to the bass. There’s one cohesive sound. He understands where I come from and the style of music I like. He just put the Mike Dean special sauce on it.

AJ Mitchell on working with Mike Dean

Feel The Music

Finally, what you have all been waiting for; AJ’s magical vocals showcased and ready for you to enjoy! Let’s talk about some of our favorite songs, and then we have a special treat for you at the end that may or may not fuel your AJ Mitchell romance. But until then, back to the music!


This is AJ’s newest release from his upcoming debut album Skyview, and it’s a fierce, catchy track with intoxicating vocals and inviting visuals thanks to the lyric video. AJ and his co-star have amazing on-screen chemistry, and did you see that grand staircase?! *heart eyes* we’re IN LOVE! It’s already being played on repeat here at THP HQ, and we have no regrets. You can stream this latest hit here!


‘CAMERAS ON’ is one of our favorite AJ Mitchell tracks from the singer-songwriter. His vocals are so smooth and inviting that we can’t help but swoon when we hear them. Plus, the meaning behind the song, in different circumstances, is so relatable. He sings about people acting differently when cameras are on them or when people are watching but then act completely different when you’re alone with them- it’s a beautiful song about a tragic reality.

I used to live in this social media house called Team 10. Once the cameras turned on, the
dynamic changed. Everyone was all of a sudden like, ‘Oh, I love you.’ When the cameras shut off, nobody
talked to one another. Everybody was staring at a phone. I was young, so it was weird for me to
understand. The only thing that saved me was music. Once again, it took me away—just like it did back
in Belleville.

AJ Mitchell on ‘CAMERAS ON’

‘Slow Dance’ With Ava Max

Is this a powerhouse collab or what!? AJ and Ava’s vocals blend so seamlessly together it gives us goosebumps! Just listen to those harmonies and watch their on-screen chemistry. This is one of those collaborations that fate brought together, and we’re still obsessed with it.

‘Hate You + Love You’ With Cheat Codes

We got to write about this song a while back, and trust us, we’ve had it on repeat since we first heard it. It’s one of those earworm tunes that gets stuck in your head- but in a good way! You’ll be singing and dancing along to AJ’s voice in your head, and it’ll instantly brighten your day. Go ahead, listen to it, and see for yourself.

‘All My Friends’

This song is such a classic for us, and we love that it showcases a little bit more of the slower tempo from AJ that we adore. His vocals are in full force in this song, and it just gets us in our feels every time we listen to it. Forever a fave here at THP, and we think it will be for you as well.

Okay, we’ll keep our faves list to a minimum! Don’t forget to be on the lookout for his upcoming debut album, Skyview- for which he has said: 

See Also

When you listen to the album, I want you to feel nostalgic, it really takes me home. At the same time, I want you to know more about who I am. Talking to the camera is unnatural for me. The best way for everybody to understand me is through my songs. I’m still just a kid who lives his life through music. There’s not a single day I don’t think about it or don’t want to run to my guitar, my
piano, or my notepad and start writing.

AJ Mitchell on Skyview

Remember that surprise we promised? Well, we created a playlist for you, honey poppers, with more of our fave AJ Mitchell songs, and now you can take him with you wherever you go! You’re welcome!

There you have it! A little lowdown on one of THP’s favorite up-and-coming artists: AJ Mitchell! We want to hear from you! Are you a longtime stan of AJ? Which song of his is your favorite? Are you excited for his debut album to finally release? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy Of Epic Records

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