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We Are Stanning almost monday Till The End Of Time!

We Are Stanning almost monday Till The End Of Time!

A few days ago, we had the incredible opportunity to have a chit-chat in the press conference held by 1824  with the talented almost monday!

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almost monday is a San Diego-based pop trio who have been making their path through the music industry. Starting from a garage, the band is taking over the world with their unique and iconic sound that has all of us listening to them nonstop!

“Me and Luke have been friends for a really long time. And we grew up together playing music and stuff, and we wanted to start a band. Then I met Cole when we were like fifteen-ish out surfing through a mutual friend. I ended up hearing that he played guitar, so we kind of just link on that. And in high school, we started a band called The Mondays, the name was already taken, and then it was almost monday […]” says lead singer Dawson Daugherty.

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From a Garage to the World

The band, almost monday, has taken over the world with their music, creating an international fanbase with people worldwide with just six songs that have turned the Earth upside down. We love how their music has changed us in all the ways possible. We are all so into the aesthetic the band has and the way they make us feel.

“It’s pretty funny, we started like as a garage band […], and then we started touring and now we ended up back in the garage somehow, so it’s. It is honestly so crazy seeing people around the world from BrazilKorea, Germany, and some places… it doesn’t feel real […] I feel that’s one of my favorite things of growing as a band and stuff like being able to come out there and meet fans [..] it’s insane.”

almost monday is taking over the world… as they should!

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Chilling Out With Almost Monday

The sound of almost monday is something that makes them more unique as a band. Letting us have these relaxing vibes from their music is what we love the most! But we can’t ignore that it could be the fact that their hometown is San Diego, which makes their music have this chill vibe. “There aren’t a lot of bands that come out from San Diego, so is kinda cool to represent us […]”, says Luke Fabry, talking about his roots influencing the music they produce.

Mondays can be pretty tough for some of us but don’t worry, cause Luke, Dawson, and Cole created the perfect melody for you to ultimately boost your day. Their single ‘come on come on’ is just the perfect melody to feel chill and happy. A song that can take you through a tricky Monday morning.

Listen to ‘come on come on’ HERE!

Note: if you live with more people, try to get them hype to the song! We want to see all happy faces around the place! We don’t like grumpy faces.

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The Missing Piece Of Your Happiness

Besides their music, one of the things we love about almost monday is the message they send in every of their song. They make you have your daily doses of serotonin just by listening to them. The upbeat music they create is something we all love. We love to dance and drive around the city, listen to almost Monday… and be happy.

“I feel like that one of the biggest reasons I got into music is bringing people joy and going to shows […], bring joy in people’s life.”

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They Are Pure Talent!

We also had the chance to hear them perform three of their singles live! What a dream, right? The first song performed was their debut single ‘Broken People’, where we could hear the phenomenal voice of Dawson Daugherty in the acoustic version of this incredible track. We had the opportunity to listen to another of our favorites from the boys. ‘come on come on’, which made everyone in the conference dance and enjoy the amazing performance almost monday was giving. Finally, they sang their latest release, ‘Live Forever, which we admit, we are obsessed with. It’s everything you need in life.

Listen to ‘Live Forever’ HERE !

A New Era is Coming!

In January, almost monday announced their new era with their single ‘live forever!’ which has made us all became detectives and look for clues that can give us a tease of what we are waiting for from the band. “I feel like this new project is different. It has a little bit more emotion in some of the tracks, and that’s something very exciting to jump in.”

Even though we couldn’t get the tea from almost monday, they gave us small clues of what we will see in their upcoming project. They told us how some of the songs have been flying around for a long time and how they are ready to release them to the world. And we surely can’t wait to listen to them! This new era of almost Monday is just too exciting!

However, Luke Fabry has let us know what we are expecting from their new EP. “The general idea of it is not to take things from granted. So not to take relationships or time for granted and kind of live in the present and don’t worry too much about past or the future.”

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You heard him! Let’s not take almost monday for granted cause they are indeed something extraordinary!!!

In the meanwhile, we will continue listening to the phenomenal music of the band! We can’t wait for what else in store, and we know you are feeling the same way! Let’s all stream almost monday together!

Are you as excited as us about what’s coming next for almost monday? Tell us everything in the comments, and don’t forget to buzz with us on our Twitter @TheHoneyPop to know more about the amazing artist, almost monday!

Need new music in your life? Don´t worry cause we got ya!

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