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We’re Ready To Stand ‘Side By Side’ With SEVENTEEN’S THE8

We’re Ready To Stand ‘Side By Side’ With SEVENTEEN’S THE8


And on to the next one! it was just recently that we got SEVENTEEN’s Jun and Hoshi’s newest solo releases, ‘Silent Boarding Gate’ and ‘Spider.’ Now, with no time to prepare, we have THE8’s ‘Side By Side.’ It’s everything we could have hoped for, plus some.

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So if you didn’t know, THE8 just released his own digital solo album, titled ‘Side By Side,’ and it is a masterpiece. It is so catchy and has a super sick beat. The song has more of an old pop sound with hints of jazz. Our favorite parts have to be the little piano solo because it’s a nice break for the song’s beat and the counting part, both obvious standouts in the track. In the mv, he is trying to win over the heart of a girl with no prevail. But in the end, she’s the one that turns the tables and offers him the flowers. Honestly, that part was rather cute. And also the dance break, because it would not be a Minghao production without a contemporary dance break. You can watch the mv down below, which does have cameos from the rest of the performance team.

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By the way, there is also the Chinese version you can also check out. You can find where to stream ‘Side By Side’ here. But that’s not all we have for you. In honor of his newest single, we have put together some of THE8’s other projects, so check these out while you’re taking a break from streaming. Enjoy!

The 8 Contemporary Art: Falling Down

The simplicity of it, yet so much happens, and just seeing him show off his talent is why we had to add it. It also includes his sweet vocals and the dance giving a crystal clear image to the song, which is why it stands out. If you haven’t looked up the lyrics, we recommend you do.

The8 Contemporary Art: 本

The green aesthetic in this and the way he moves around so elegantly, wow. He also incorporates contemporary dance and adds in some b-boying, like wow, okay, Minghao, we get it you are talented. This is probably one of our fav dance videos we’ve seen, and if someone asks what our definition of art is, we’ll show them this.

‘Dreams Come True’

The whistle in this song is so catchy that even if you don’t know how to whistle, you’ll be whistling along. Also, he incorporates and hits all bases with this one, singer, rapper, dancer, what can’t he do? The answer: nothing.

The8 & Jun – ‘MY I’

The choreography. Yeah, that’s it, just kidding! But no, seriously, the choreography between The8 and Jun is incredible. And also, the incorporation of the rope into it pulled everything together. That’s 2/4 of SVT’s performance team for you, just pure talent.

The8: Contemporary Art: ‘Doodle Diary’

What started off The 8 Contemporary Art saga was ‘Doodle Diary,’ so obviously, we had to include it. From this to what ‘Falling Down’ is, it is pretty cool to see the upgraded set and production, but this is still amazing. It also includes him dancing to Billie Eilish’s ‘idontwannabeyouanymore.’ It is only about 2 minutes, and we wish it were so much longer! Because Billie’s voice mixed with THE8’s dancing is pure bliss.

Okay, so obviously, there is a trend here. We’ve got Jun’s ‘Silent Boarding Gate’ first. Which if you haven’t listened to it or seen the mv, it is, well it’s sad, but still so good! So please, please go check it out. Then we had Hoshi’s ‘Spider,’ which y’all know our reaction to that, and if you don’t, you can read it here. Now we have THE8’s ‘Side By Side,’ again, really good. But are you seeing what we are seeing? All solo’s, all from the performance team, from oldest to youngest, and they all start with S. So we’re guessing a Dino solo is coming soon, and it will begin with an S. Will we also be getting a solo from everyone in SEVENTEEN? If so, we better get our brains working because that means we still have 10 to go, and honestly, we can’t wait! 

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So what did you think about THE8’s ‘Side By Side’? Which of his projects is your fav? What do you think comes next? Tell us in the comments down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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