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With 2 Episodes Left, Marvel Released A Mid-Season Sneak Peek For The Falcon And The Winter Soldier

With 2 Episodes Left, Marvel Released A Mid-Season Sneak Peek For The Falcon And The Winter Soldier

the falcon and the winter soldier

Attention! The Falcon And The Winter Soldier has a new sneak peek out. And we, like every other fan, are freaking out over it. Most of the dialogue comes from four episodes we’ve already seen, but bits that don’t give us much to speculate on! Of course, we will because that’s one of the best things to do whenever new Marvel content comes up.

Check out the sneak-peek below:

So Let’s Break This Video Down, Shall We?

The very first thing in it is Bucky’s (Sebastian Stan) and Sam’s (Anthony Mackie) conversation about the shield and its legacy during their therapy session. As of right now, Sam is still not sure about taking up the shield and the title that comes with it. The legacy and history of this “All-American symbol” will most likely come up again in the following episodes. Bucky and Sam may even have an entire argument over it this time. Yes, they’re getting along better, but that doesn’t mean they still disagree on this matter. And on top of all that, we are yet to see Sam practice throwing the shield, so he’s bound to get it at some point, and we can’t wait for that to happen because, as we’ve said before, Sam deserves to be Captain America more than anyone.

Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes

That being said, his following sentence is also true. The legacy of the shield is complicated, even more so now that we (and Sam) know Project Rebirth happened. Sam wasn’t 100% on board with this well before he even knew Isaiah Bradley (Carl Lumbly) existed. Now there’s a whole other layer of history to get through. Hopefully, that’ll happen within the show and not later in Phase 4.

Next up, John Walker (Wyatt Russell) saying, “I am Captain America.” He seems angry like he’s using the line to threaten someone (not surprising). Especially now that he has the super-soldier serum running through his veins and enhancing all his negative traits, this is followed by previously seen Walker footage in uniform and getting beaten up by Ayo (Florence Kasumba). All of which reminds us that he went from “wanting to do the right thing” to “abusing a power he shouldn’t even have” really quickly. This won’t end well.

What We Have Yet To See

The second half of the video is where the new footage comes up. And one line sticks out: Sam’s “He bled for this country. Shield or no shield, I’m not gonna let anybody tell me I can’t fight for it.” Who’s “he?” Is it Steve? Maybe. But why is Sam bringing him up now? “Shield or no shield?” Why is “no shield” an option? What’s going to happen to this shield? And then there’s the part about fighting for “this country.” It may not even be the US. We assume it is because Sam’s American, but who’s to say that’s not about a different country? And regardless of that, what’s the threat? And who’s telling Sam not to do anything?

A gif of Seth Meyers with the caption "I have a lot of questons"

This cryptic line is followed by action sequences taking place in different locations. We see Bucky fighting someone (no idea who). Then, Walker and the Flag Smashers are facing off. Both scenes look epic, but there’s no way to guess the context of either. It was especially interesting that the last scene followed the scene with Walker and the Flag Smashers in episode four, where Walker proves he’s going off the rails by killing a member of the Flag Smashers with the shield. Could it be that the group went after him for killing one of their members?

And then the last scene arrives, and it’s the one we’re looking forward to the most. Sam and Bucky face to face with John Walker, alone in what looks like a warehouse. Sam says, “we don’t want anyone else to get hurt.” It’s almost like he’s too tired for this but will not hesitate to fight if he has to. And he may very well have to because Walker with the serum is a threat that has to be stopped.

Final Considerations

First of all, where’s Zemo (Daniel Brühl)?? He escaped in episode four, and there was no mention of him in the sneak peek aside from him smashing the serum vials for half a second. Seriously, are we even going to see him again before the end of the show? No idea, it’d be cool to see him again in the last two episodes, but there’s no way to know if that’ll happen.

While we’re at it, where’s Sharon (Emily VanCamp)? She’s been acting suspiciously since she first showed up on the show, and now she disappeared, too? Come on, Marvel!

See Also

And the last thing we’d like to say is: we can’t wait to watch the final two episodes of this incredible show. Can Friday just get here soon, please?

Are you looking forward to the finale of The Falcon And The Winter Soldier? Do you have any theories about it? Tell us in the comments, or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Marvel Studios/Disney+

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