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A Wave Of Happiness Has Come Over Us After Listening To The New Surfaces Track

A Wave Of Happiness Has Come Over Us After Listening To The New Surfaces Track

If you’re anything like us and are utterly obsessed with ‘Sunday Best,’ you already understand how incredible Surfaces are! We have completely fallen in love with the duo! We simply can’t get over how good the vibes are from every song they have, but especially with their newest track, ‘Wave of You’! With summer coming up, their vibe is precisely what we’re going for when making our playlists to lead us into the season.

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‘Wave of You’ is everything you want out of a summer track. It makes you want to be on a beach with friends having the time of your life. Surfaces are perfect at zeroing in on that atmosphere. We honestly felt like listening to the track transported us to a summer night in June where your problems simply slip away. The wind is in your hair; you can smell the ocean, and ‘Wave of You’ is playing. It honestly sounds like how we hope to spend our summer.

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While this song is incredibly light, it doesn’t lack in the lyrical department. The message of being caught of in the ‘Wave of You’ and the comparison of being caught in a wave to caught up in how you feel about someone is undoubtedly genius on Surfaces’ part.

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Music videos are some of our favorite ways to experience a new track, especially when the visuals perfectly match the track like the ones for ‘Wave of You’ do! All those beach vibes we talked about earlier were present in the video and so beautifully presented. Riding bikes with our summer fling on the beach is now on our summer bucket list after seeing this utterly adorable couple in the video doing it. The only difference is we’re not part of an utterly adorable couple. But you know what, it will be just as fabulous with a killer group of friends! Surfaces nailed this whole concept, and we can only hope an entire full-length project is on the way that is as feel-good as ‘Wave of You’ is.

Stream ‘Wave of You’ here!

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