Greentea Peng Becomes Your New Soul Goddess

Greentea Peng Becomes Your New Soul Goddess

Feel trippy? Need some chill tunes? London’s Greentea Peng got the right stuff for you. Not only she announced a new single, but she treats us well with some sweet debut album Man Made coming right on time for the summer! After being ‘Hu Man,’ she’s now the goddess of time ‘Kali V2’.

Let’s Be Different!

Greentea Peng put some ‘Spells’ on us with her fusion of different music genres from hip hop to spoken word, neo-soul, and jazz. She meditates and inventing her genuine sound with the desire to be different creatively. Working with a London production collective, Earbuds, the London soul vocalist leads us in a ‘Ghost Town’ or a world full of shiny colors, all in 432 Hz, which is a premiere in the industry, not following any standards.

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God Is A Woman!

May KALI fire bun ya down, rid this land free of rotten crown, I’m ready to make a new sound, I, I can’t contribute to the lies in this fickle paradise,” Greentea Peng sings with fierce confidence and mellow tones. We live in a world of fake news, critical social issues, and the composer wanted to say that the goddess of time, KALI, will only help to get rid of the old. Then, we’ll set the clock to feel alive again, to rejoice in our rebirth. Like Ariana Grande’s song, ‘God Is A Woman,’ we find our spirituality in music and the soulful grooves. What an inspiration it is!

Image Source: Morgan Benjamin

We can’t get enough of the smoky soundscape! Captivating, the drum-soft loops drifts into a dark melody, mysterious and hunting us like a witch. Get ready to be charmed into the sweet and harmonious tones. Want to explore your inner and outer self? Watch the psychedelic and hypnotizing visuals for ‘Kali V2’ here.

Get your hands on this beautiful song here! It’s also time for you to preorder Man Made! Head over here and let us know which format or lovely bundle you take? Show us via our Instagram, tweet us @TheHoneyPOP, or write us on Facebook.

Need more of these eclectic vibes? We got it sorted here!


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