Rina Sawayama Shows Some Love For ‘Chosen Family’

Rina Sawayama Shows Some Love For ‘Chosen Family’

Let’s hug together and enjoy our time with our loved ones. Let’s be a family again! Rina Sawayama gives a new spin from a track on the deluxe version of her first album, SAWAYAMA. The London singer-songwriter enlisted the legendary Elton John to feature on the reworked song, ‘Chosen Family’.

What Is A ‘Chosen Family’?

So what’s the meaning of ‘Chosen Family’? Rina Sawayama sums it all with her fascinating lyrics. “We don’t need to be related to relate. We don’t need to share genes, or a surname/You are, you are/My chosen, chosen family,” she sings in her exquisite voice in the chorus. Don’t have the same DNA? No problem! If there’s a strong bond, there’s no need for the same genes to be a genuine family. In these modern times, why is it necessary to be traditional? A family is not only formed by a husband, wife, and children. This could be anything that comforts us, as long as mutual support and love come across our paths.

Rina Sawayama
Image Source: Courtesy of Dirty Hit Recordings

A Starstruck Collaboration

Rina Sawayama has hit after hit, and she took the world by storm with her first album. Ahead of her upcoming North American tour, she kept herself busy and decided to give a new twist to her LGBTQ anthem, ‘Chosen Family.’ Why not rediscover the track, with Elton John aboard? Here’s what she had to say about her incredible experience.

It was such a joy and honor to rework ‘Chosen Family’ with the legendary Elton John. The song means so much to both of us, and recording it together was such a special experience I will never forget. I got shivers when I heard his voice through the monitor and became emotional when he added the piano parts.

Rina Sawayama

Elton John, who recently worked with Gorillaz and even Metallica (really? two different worlds colliding, huh?), is bringing some magic to the track that you can pre-save here. The rocket man and his piano will make you surf on new waves on this glamourous ballad. In the meantime, enjoy the original version here.

The song will debut on the Zane Lowe Beats1 show on Wednesday, and then you’ll get the YouTube video premiere soon after. Are you excited? Just drop us what’s your plans are in the comments below. Who do you consider your ‘Chosen Family’? Tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or head on Facebook or Instagram to let us know.

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