Baby Queen’s ‘Dover Beach’ Is A New Single And A Reason To Have Her On Your Playlist

Baby Queen’s ‘Dover Beach’ Is A New Single And A Reason To Have Her On Your Playlist

We’d like to start this by saying that if you don’t know who Baby Queen is, you’re seriously missing out. This London-based musician is true to her stage name because she is an actual queen! And a queen who writes some of the most real lyrics we’ve seen in a while. If there’s one thing Baby Queen is not afraid to do, it’s sing about her own experiences and issues. We’re pretty sure that’s why her career is going so well- she attracts fans who resonate with her and want to keep hearing her sing about the important stuff. Plus, her voice is amazing, and her unique style of music blends so many different influences you’re sure to love it.

However, if you still need more proof Baby Queen should join your faves list (and should be in your playlists), please check out our recommendations list below. After, you can tell us if we were right about her (spoiler: we will be).

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‘Dover Beach’

This was an instant favorite for everyone at THP HQ. Who hasn’t dreamed up entire scenarios with that one specific person we know is out of the question? Don’t deny it- we know you have. Well, now we have a soundtrack for those moments.

‘Want Me’

This is one of those songs you just want to scream the lyrics to whenever you hear it. Upbeat, 80s vibes, a little indie, and the relatable and witty lyrics we love so much. This song honestly translates what it feels like to have a crush.

‘Raw Thoughts’

One of Baby Queen’s most streamed and iconic songs could never be left out of this list. A stellar beat with even more stellar lyrics, and, let’s be real, her vocals here are divine. Also, this song gives off some very Taylor Swift vibes, and we love that!

‘These Drugs’

All we ever do when we listen to this song is cry because of how real it is. Baby Queen never hid her struggles from anyone, and that’s part of what makes her such a powerhouse when it comes to her songwriting. And, if you want to see us freak out over the music video for it, come here.

‘Internet Religion’

Not many people would have a debut single straight-up calling out the way people behave on social media. But Baby Queen did it. This song is sarcastic, witty, and yes, we’ll say it again, very true to reality. Everyone posts the good side of life on the internet and leaves the bad one in the dark. We all know it, but seeing a singer say it in a song, just feels great.

Now tell us, have we convinced you to add Baby Queen to your favorite artist’s list? Tell us in the comments or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

Buzzin for more new music? We got the drip right here!


Featured Image Source: Plastic Fruit Studios | Posted by Baby Queen on Instagram (@queenofthebabies)

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