Demi Lovato Is At The Top Of Her Game, The Charts Don’t Lie!

Demi Lovato Is At The Top Of Her Game, The Charts Don’t Lie!

If you are anything like us you’ve probably had the new Demi Lovato album, Dancing With The Devil: The Art Of Starting Over, on repeat since its release. This record, above anything else, was the most honest body of work we’ve ever heard. It was vulnerable and full of self-awareness in a way that is rare to find in an industry that can suppress intense emotions. The album was met with so much love from fans like us that it ended at number one on the Billboard album sales chart and number two on the Billboard top 200 chart. Dancing With The Devil: The Art Of Starting Over also scored the biggest pop female album streaming debut yet this year in the US! Seeing Demi Lovato in her true prime makes us so incredibly happy especially after the cards she’s been dealt.

Demi Lovato has truly worked her ass off to get to this point in both her personal and professional life and we are here to celebrate the queen that she is! We love her and this record so much that we wanted to break down our top favorite tracks to celebrate all of the album’s success!

You can stream or buy the album here!

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Dancing With The Devil

When it comes to emotional tracks on this record, this one takes the cake. It’s such an intense look inside Demi Lovato’s mindset as she was struggling with addiction. We tear up with every listen to this track because of how heavy it is. We could not applaud Demi Lovato more for her vulnerability and willingness to share such a personal struggle with millions of people. It just shows us what we’ve always known and that is that Demi is truly a warrior.

**If you are currently a struggling addict or even in recovery this song may be triggering along with the video so be sure to listen and watch with caution!

ICU (Madison’s Lullabye)

Anyone who has a sister, especially a little sister will connect to this track as much as we have. Demi Lovato wrote this song as a love letter and a promise to her sister Madison. If you watched her documentary you will probably know that there was a time when Demi woke up in the hospital and quite literally couldn’t see her sister. It was a life-altering moment for both of them and adds a double meaning to the title of the song.

Melon Cake

This song, on one hand, is a celebration. A celebration of Demi Lovato being able to control what she eats and when. A celebration of the freedom to live her life the way she wants to without guilt from the people around her. On the other hand, it’s equally as heartbreaking getting this peek into the side of Hollywood where they treat artists like puppets. We are beyond happy Demi is surrounded by much better people now. Having to hear that she was made to have cakes made out of melons on her birthday because they had fewer fats and less sugar is just beyond sick. But seeing in her documentary that this year she got to have three real birthday cakes did make us tear up quite a bit.

Lonely People

We will scream from the rooftops that this is our favorite track on the record. It’s so much fun and so upbeat it makes us want to dance around screaming the lyrics. It is definitely a shift from the heavier songs so far on our list, but this track is just a damn good time. We think it sits right up there with songs like ‘Cool For The Summer’ and ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ as the ultimate anthems.

California Sober

If you haven’t listened to this track yet today do yourself a favor and put it on right now and just bask in its glory. The concept of being ‘California Sober’ is one that represents Demi Lovato’s comfort level she’s reached with her audience and with herself. Her being able to be open about where she’s at in her journey just warms our hearts and makes us so incredibly proud of her.

We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite track off of Dancing With The Devil: The Art Of Starting Over? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!


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