Ingrid Michaelson and ZAYN are letting Us ‘Begin Again’

Ingrid Michaelson and ZAYN are letting Us ‘Begin Again’

After we all fell in love with the beautiful collab between singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson and superstar ZAYN, they have finally shared with us the music video for this masterpiece!

‘To Begin Again’

‘To Begin Again,’ is a song that celebrates how everything is finally coming to be alright after the hard year we faced in a personal and global way. The song is a soft ballad that tells us that we are getting another day to be alright, we are getting a second chance to begin again. Something we all needed to hear!

The video, filmed in New York, is a message of happiness and peace. Life has been slowly starting to be normal and we can finally feel okay again, and that´s what the video wants to transmit. Showing us people’s daily life through the big apple, the video is a visual way to see positiveness and how people are getting together after surpassing the challenges we’ve been facing for a long time now.

It´s Alright, It´s Okay

Even though the video is mainly concentrated on showing people around the city of New York, we can appreciate small cuts from Ingrid and ZAYN preparing the track at home. We loved to see the faces of these incredible artists producing and playing the song. Their happiness and calmness were something they made us feel since the moment we saw their faces. And hearing their majestical voices together and see them, was something that totally made our day and made us fall in love more with the song.

We know the Covid life has been hard for everyone. But let´s not forget that together we are going to overpass this obstacle in the way. Soon things will be alright and together we will find a way ‘To Begin Again,’ live and love again…

What are your thoughts on Ingrid´s and ZAYN´s newest music video? Tell us in the comments and don´t forget to buzz with us on our Twitter @TheHoneyPop.

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