Organ Morgan Looking For Their ‘Good Time Underworld’

Organ Morgan Looking For Their ‘Good Time Underworld’

Find your way to the underworld, in the chilling dark night. The music playing softly, the sounds spreading like a hymn. Discover the new English five-piece, Organ Morgan, who recently charmed us with their new track ‘Good Time Underworld.’

Haunting Dreams

Does music sometimes trouble you in your dreams? You might be haunted by Organ Morgan, the character of Welsh iconic poet Dylan Thomas in his radio drama Under Milk Wood. Here’s a little warning: You’ll also be obsessed by the new folk collective of the same name. Clearly inspired by the infernal lands of the world, their first single ‘Dracula’s Toothache’ gained some hype earlier this year.

Peaceful Harmonies

Sit in the back of a pub, get a pint and enjoy the enigmatic acoustic guitar sounds from ‘Good Time Underworld.’ In between Americana and Celtic vibes (thanks to the addition of the lovely accordion!), Organ Morgan keeps the mystery alive, singing about ghosts and smoky fairytales. How can we resist the wonderful singalong rhymes? Impossible! We just want to sing out loud on the la la la harmonies, just like we usually do on some Mumford and Sons melodic and slow-paced songs, Ingrid Michaelson or Iron And Wine’s tracks. Let’s get together and make peaceful music, that’s what Harris McMillan and his bunch offer us.

Image Source: Artwork cover courtesy of Broadside Hacks

If you are lucky and live around London’s Hackney area, you can live quite an experience at MOTH Club on May 19th at their socially distanced show. Check it out for a good night of poetic soundscape. Also, just head over here and stream to set the mood! If you like what you hear, check out the video below. It’s wonderful! Trust us you won’t regret it!

Did you have a good time in the underworld? Tell us in the comments down below or on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP, Facebook, or Instagram.

Feel the drought for moody music? We got you covered!


Featured image source: Organ Morgan Facebook

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