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We’ve Got Serious Bebe-Buzz With This Bebe Rexha News!

We’ve Got Serious Bebe-Buzz With This Bebe Rexha News!

Wow, there is so much Bebe Rexha news right now, as the Brooklyn-born artist is keeping us fed! Stick with us, we adore Bebe and these are our inner simp ramblings. New re-mixed single? Check! New single incoming? Check! New album incoming? Check! Doing it all with humor, sass, body positivity, and…. a trumpet? Check! We’re unpacking all the latest Bebe news, with this new layer of The Honey POP excitement -Bebe-Buzz!

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‘Sacrifice’ Gorgon-City Remix!

Bebe had teamed up with English electronic-duo Gorgon City, for a remix release of her March-released single ‘Sacrifice.’ Originally already heavily club music influenced; this new remix slaps so hard that our walls were moving! We miss nightlife so much, and there hasn’t been a whole lot of rave-anthems released lately, so this remix is scratching an itch for us that we didn’t realize we had! With some parts of the world looking forward to the post-Covid future, and some not quite ready yet; we’ll have to settle for a bedroom rave, so go and apologize to your neighbors, crank your music up and turn on those LED’s, for a taste of clubland with Bebe Rexha and Gorgon City!

Stream ‘Sacrifice (Gorgon City Remix)’ now! Make sure you’re streaming the original ‘Sacrifice’ too!

We’d ‘Sabotage’ It All For Bebe!

New single inbound! On Wednesday, we got even more Bebe Rexha news, as Bebe announced via Twitter, her latest single ‘Sabotage’ is coming, and there’s not long to wait, with the single due to drop on Friday, April 16th! We have no idea what to expect, or what vibes Bebe has gone with for her latest track, but if the single artwork is anything to go by, we’re anticipating a dark sensual mood (with Explicit Content warnings, which, let’s not lie, excites us!).

You can pre-order ‘Sabotage’ right now!

We Expect No Mistakes On Better Mistakes!

Yep, you guessed it, more Bebe Rexha news, because obviously, two new singles aren’t enough! Bebe has announced her brand new album Better Mistakes, as the cherry on top of this beautiful Bebe cake! Dropping on May 7th, this will be Bebe’s fourth album, following 2017’s All Your Fault Parts 1 & 2 EP’s, and 2015’s I Don’t Wanna Grow Up. We are expecting incredible things from Better Mistakes, and we’re already calling this one to watch for award nominations over the next year. Bebe Rexha is already GRAMMY-nominated, with two nominations in 2019; but could this be Bebe’s year? We’re not gambling people, but if we were, we may be sticking a few bucks on queen Bebe! We’re hoping for fun yet dark pop-rock and electronic tracks, with many an important message underpinning the album. We are sure Bebe will serve that to us by the bucket load!

You can pre-save Better Mistakes right here, right now! Bebe has even hinted at releasing some exclusive signed vinyls! Never fear, your friends here at The Honey POP will keep you in the loop (or rather, the hive!).

Positive Messages and… Trumpets?

Whether it’s supporting body positivity, or normalizing conversations about mental health, Bebe’s messages of love, laughter, and care for her fans have created a special bond, with many of us thinking of Bebe as not just a singer or celebrity, but as a friend who makes music! Bebe brings unique relatable energy across her social media channels, but it’s got to be her TikTok that takes the prize for us! Whether it’s ruining her makeup from crying over her album announcement, celebrating her thick thighs, or her regular mental health check-ins and pep talks with her fans; Bebe Rexha’s TikTok has a daily positive influence, and we absolutely love her for that. We stan celebs and creators who use their platforms to do good in the world!

But the highlight of all Bebe Tiktok’s lately has to be her beautiful trumpet playing! We’ve just had a quick flashback to Bebe playing trumpet for Nick Grimshaw on BBC Radio 1, which her ‘Back To You’ collaborator Louis Tomlinson later described as “maybe even indie!” before having a go himself! Well, it seems Bebe’s skills have grown during lockdown; as she took to TikTok to serenade her fans with her trumpet… Who knows, maybe there’ll be a trumpet solo on Bebe’s new album Better Mistakes! Check out Bebe’s musical TikTok interlude below!


from a few days ago lol ##TrumpetTok

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♬ original sound – BebeRexha

We’d like to give a big thanks to Bebe for her ability to bring a touch of sunshine, to what has been, a pretty grey world of late! The new remix of ‘Sacrifice’ is absolute fire, and we here at The Honey POP, absolutely cannot wait for the release of ‘Sabotage’ this week, followed by Bebe’s new album Better Mistakes on May 7th. We think she’s absolutely killing it right now, and she deserves every ounce of success!

We want your reactions to all of this Bebe Rexha news! Hit us up the second ‘Sabotage’ drops, so we can simp with you! Comment and let us know your thoughts, or you can catch up with us on Twitter @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook.

Want the more Bebe-buzz? Fly over here!


Featured Image Source: Jack Gorlin

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